Sustainable Plastic

Robinson Packaging is a proud member of RECOUP and engages with them to help develop and promote strategic, efficient plastic recycling systems. RECOUP have quickly become an essential source of advice as Robinson repositions their business for the future. They bring over 25 years of industry knowledge on recycling best practice, which Robinson has been able to adopt.

RECOUP has helped Robinson identify products that are less likely to get recycled and how they can mitigate this issue. By using a careful combination of single polymer material, clever design and clear labelling, Robinson can significantly improve the chance of products reaching the recycling plant and successfully being identified by waste management companies. By removing product recycling confusion, end users are clear which parts of the packaging to recycle and which parts to throw into general waste bins.

Recyclability by design

Working with RECOUP has helped Robinson produce plastic products more responsibly. They optimise designs to reduce the amount of raw material used. This ensures end-products that require less plastic and are lighter to distribute. Robinson experts are focused on the efficient use of raw materials, energy and distribution so that they make lean products with the greenest of credentials. Their aim is to manufacture packaging that minimises any negative environmental effects while maximizing the product's lifecycle or chance of being recycled.

100% Recyclable Bottles

Responding to consumer demand and industry best practice, Robinson is focused on single polymer pack formats.  These are fully recyclable and more Eco responsible. By using a single polymer in the production process, they ensure producing a fully recyclable product, one that is more likely to make it into the consumer's recycling bin. 

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