Somewang Blends Texture, Transparency, and Colors in New Packaging Design

  • Somewang Packaging

Introducing Somewang’s latest textured packaging – a fusion of transparency and vibrant colors for a fashion-forward design!

Somewang Packaging presents a new plastic bottle and pump that will ensure end consumers experience a superior feel and texture when using your brand's products. Available in various capacities: 150ml, 200ml, 300ml, and 500ml, the new packaging solution works perfectly for facial cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and more. By adding a translucent ring to the bottle, the company creates two different textures on the surface of the pack, allowing users to peek through the bottle to see the color and quality of the product themselves.

Customization options are available to both decorate the solid layer and add a touch of color to the window, better matching the brand's identity or the product's ingredients. Have a brilliant idea? Let's bring it to life together. Contact us today!

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