Thrace Group Presents Versatile Thermoforming Cups for Food

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Thrace Group offers a comprehensive selection of packaging solutions, highlighted by an outstanding line of thermoforming cups tailored for diverse applications in the food industry. Its cups excel in packaging dairy products, yellow fats, confectionery, ice cream, and jams, providing versatile and reliable solutions for diverse needs:

  • Versatile Volume Range: Thrace Group's cups cover a volume range from 0.115 liters to 1.0 liters, ensuring suitability for various applications. Customized sizes are also available upon request.
  • Broad Range of Shapes and Dimensions: The cups are designed in a broad spectrum of shapes and dimensions, providing flexibility to cater to a wide array of products and packaging requirements.
  • High Performance - Fit for Purpose: All cups boast high-performance characteristics, ensuring they are perfectly suited for their intended purposes. From preserving the freshness of dairy products to accommodating confectionery and ice cream, these cups are designed to be as versatile and durable as possible.
  • Lid Compatibility: The cups are designed with lid compatibility in mind, offering both a Regular Lid Line for standard closure and a Seal Lid Line for membrane sealing compatibility.
  • Optimal Pallet Utilization: Thrace Group prioritizes efficiency by ensuring optimal pallet utilization, contributing to streamlined logistics and reduced environmental impact.
  • Great Decoration Potential: These cups offer significant decoration potential with options such as 8-color Offset Printing, Shrink Sleeving, and Adhesive Labeling. The result is visually appealing packaging that can effectively represent and market the enclosed products.
  • 100% Recyclable: Reflecting the company's commitment to sustainability, the thermoforming cups are 100% recyclable. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the growing global emphasis on environmentally responsible packaging solutions.
  • Advanced Hot Fill Properties: The cups are equipped with advanced hot fill properties, ensuring their integrity and performance even under challenging conditions.

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