Strength Meets Style in Thrace Group's Oki Doki Bags

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Meet Thrace Group's Oki Doki Bags – a reliable solution for all your carrying and disposal needs! Crafted from 100% Polyethylene, these bags offer a perfect blend of durability and functionality. Designed for sturdiness and in a wide range of sizes, they are ideal for carrying goods or managing waste efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • High Strength: These bags boast exceptional strength, ensuring they can handle a variety of loads with ease.
  • Variety of Colors and Printings: Express your style or coordinate with your branding with Oki Doki Bags, available in various colors and prints.
  • Colorful Cords: The bags come with cords in different colors, adding a touch of customization.
  • Flexible Sizing: Choose from widths ranging from 500 mm to 1000 mm and heights up to 1270 mm, providing flexibility for your specific needs.
  • Aromatic Bags: Oki Doki Bags are also available in a wide array of scents, enhancing the user experience.


Perfect for both the transport and storage of goods and garbage, Oki Doki Bags are a reliable choice for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you're organizing, disposing, or transporting, these bags have got you covered.

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