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TricorBraun wins Best of Show, record number of NACD packaging awards

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Global packaging leader TricorBraun has been awarded the National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) Best of Show in the 2018 NACD Packaging Awards, marking the 11th time the company has been recognized with the prestigious honor. TricorBraun received a company record of 12 NACD awards, including Best of Show, Best Use of Stock Packaging (bronze medal), six gold, two silver and two bronze medals. The company garnered more awards and more gold medals than any other distributor.

"This is a tremendous recognition of our team’s dedication, creativity and innovation," said Court Carruthers, president and CEO, TricorBraun. "To be honored for both stock and custom designs is especially meaningful, as it reflects a core principle to provide our customers with exceptional products and services, based on their needs. Eleven years of Best of Show awards, plus our company record of NACD medals, signifies our unrelenting pursuit of excellence on behalf of our customers and our commitment to be the undisputed packing leader."

TricorBraun’s 2018 NACD Packaging Awards are:

Bernard M. Seid Best of Show Award
Eliminator Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate
Gro-Tec’s product line rebrand benefitted from TricorBraun’s one-stop shopping capabilities. Because the designs for the custom bottle and overcap were created by the same company that sourced the components, it was a seamless transition, without any glitches or slowdowns that can be caused by designs that are not manufacturable. All of the product line components maintain a consistent brand appearance.

Beverage Category, Gold Medal
Kentucky Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
The craft distiller wanted to capture their family history in the spirits business in the bottle design, as well as tie into their still. A premium product in quality and price, the packaging supports the brand look with a high-end, custom bottle, a high-end custom cap and a label with several embellishments.

Drug and Pharmaceutical Category, Gold Medal
Rogue Nicotine on Demand Tablets Lozenges & Chewing Gum
When Rogue was moving into anti-smoking cessation, they asked TricorBraun to develop two tin plate packages to launch Rogue Nicotine on Demand in tablets, lozenges and chewing gum. The project required a significant amount of tooling development, dimension adjustments, and color development; the end results were 50ml and 75ml oblong and square seamless tins.

Food Category, Gold Medal
Butcher’s Bone Broth
Butcher’s Bone Broth desired a very specific look and gave TricorBraun a glass bottle which became the inspiration for this custom 2oz HDPE straight-sided square, decorated with a full body shrink label. The square bottle, with a gently sloping neck and old-fashioned fonts, evoke times past. The label has a window stripe section allowing the consumer to track the product level even though the shrink label covers the entire package.

Novelty Category, Gold Medal
BCups Made for IPA Beer
TricorBraun helped create this first-of-a-kind, clear 17oz. PETG environmentally-friendly and dishwasher safe IPA beer cup sold in a 4-pack carton at retail. The cups are nested inside of each other to conserve carton and shelf space as well as maximize the number of cups on a pallet for shipping.

Nutritional Category, Gold Medal AND
The Best Use of Stock Packaging Award, Bronze Medal
4 Gauge “Load Up Your Guns” Pre-Workout Supplement
Roar Ambition partnered with TricorBraun to develop stand-out packaging for its pre-workout supplement. While powder supplements are often sold in flexible pouches, TricorBraun designed a rigid bottle, based on Roar Ambition’s idea of a bottle that looked like a shotgun shell casing, signifying the power of a low number shotgun gauge.

Personal Care, Gold Medal
Curio Brands (formerly Thymes)
The customer wanted to refresh the look for its extensive line of soaps, body wash, and lotions. TricorBraun designed custom ovals in 8.25oz and 9.25oz PET. To distinguish the natural scent products from the luxury scents, which use gold closures and pumps, TricorBraun used a wood-look closure and pumps.

Nutritional Category, Silver Medal
Propura was looking for a custom package that would immediately identify it as a women’s supplement; TricorBraun designed the bottle with multiple concave and convex curves. Because of the multiple planes on the bottle, it is decorated with a full body shrink-sleeve label that helps describe the product name, Hourglass.

General Industrial Category, Silver Medal
Decon Cycle, Decon Sproc 200 Plus
TricorBraun and Veltek & Associates incorporated several features into the design of this cleaning solution detergent so users could feel confident they are properly mixing and protecting the sterility of the solution. Features include an HDPE handleware package with a top chamber to separate the mix until the customer is ready to activate; a handle ergonomically located in the side of the container to make it easier to control pouring the expensive product; and to more precisely dispense the product, a smaller opening in the lower portion of the container.

General Industrial Category, Bronze Medal
10L Carboy
This unique, 10-liter handleware package is used for water testing. TricorBraun worked with the customer on the bottle design, which required engineering of the complex neck finish. In addition, TricorBraun built the molds and traveled to the manufacturer to assist with changes after initial sampling in order to provide a high-quality package. Finding a manufacturer that could mold a container this size was a challenge and the project became more complicated when the customer's closure supplier wasn’t able to make the heavy weight cap. TricorBraun used its vast supplier resources to supply the entire custom package.

Cosmetic Category, Bronze Medal
Sei Bella Essentials Training Kit
TricorBraun developed a custom paperboard pallet to accommodate 45 pans of eye shadow, 12 blushes, and 27 lip colors. The pallet is wrapped in a beautiful textured paper and hot stamped with the customer logo. The company added a magnetic closure and a ribbon pull to open. Not only did TricorBraun supply the pallet, it supplied the raw material, labor to assemble and the POP materials such as the unit carton, label and sales brochures included in the kit.

About the NACD Packaging Awards

The annual NACD Packaging Awards recognize the most innovative packages released during the previous year. Awards are given to the top three containers in each category. Categories include: Beverage, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Drug & Pharmaceutical, Food, General Industry, Household Chemical & Auto, Pet & Vet, Nutritional, Novelty, Best Use of Custom Packaging, and Best Use of Stock Components.

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