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TricorBraun acquires Pacific Bag

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TricorBraun, a global packaging leader, has acquired Pacific Bag, LLC, one of the largest independent U.S. distributors of flexible packaging. The company will combine Pacific Bag with its existing flexibles business, Taipak, to create TricorBraun Flex, a new business unit focused on flexible packaging.

“This is an important day for TricorBraun and a natural step in our evolution as we build the global packaging leader,” said Court Carruthers, president and CEO, TricorBraun. “The acquisition of Pacific Bag further bolsters our presence in the flexibles space, building on our highly successful acquisition of Taipak. We are excited to welcome Pacific Bag to the TricorBraun family.”

Pacific Bag represents TricorBraun’s sixth acquisition in 18 months. Since the company acquired Salbro Bottle in June 2017, it added Continental Packaging Associates, Taipak, Package All, and the remaining shares of its joint venture in Mexico.

Established in 1986 and known for its leading positions in flexible coffee, pet and specialty food packaging, Pacific Bag serves more than 4,500 customers in 50+ countries from multiple locations. The company’s executive team, including CEO Mark Howley, will remain with TricorBraun.

“Pacific Bag is excited to join forces with TricorBraun,” said Howley. “Our business has grown over the years to help customers all over the world, and by joining TricorBraun we are confident the combined business will become a stronger supplier. Our product line will expand and our ability to meet the demands of the market will dramatically improve.”

Strengthening TricorBraun’s Flexibles Offering

Taipak and Pacific Bag will be combined to create TricorBraun Flex and will continue to operate out of existing locations in Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Toronto, and Philadelphia.

“By combining Pacific Bag and Taipak’s flexibles expertise, paired with TricorBraun’s capabilities and resources, we can provide exceptional products and services based on our customers’ evolving packaging needs,” said Carruthers.

TricorBraun acquired Taipak in 2017, representing the company’s first move into flexible packaging in its 117-year history.

“Taipak was an important milestone for our business and in the 13 months since, the team has integrated seamlessly, delivering exceptional solutions for our customers, and continued their history of strong growth,” said Carruthers.

“This past year with TricorBraun has been exceptional,” said Joey Lin, Taipak’s founder and general manager. “We’ve been able to continue to grow our business while upholding our ‘get it done’ approach. Our Taipak team is excited to work with Pacific Bag and provide our customers with flexible packaging services unmatched in the industry.”

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