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A transparent dive into glass 3: Decoration considerations to drive brand differentiation

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Welcome to the final entry of TricorBraun’s three-part series on glass material.

A glass packaging solution with a distinctive and engaging look resonates with your consumers and differentiates your product from competitors. Whether it’s a stock or custom glass solution, it’s important to consider the entire packaging aesthetic—from closure differentiation to bottle shape to label graphics, including:

Labeling Options

  • Applied Ceramic Labels (ACL) are printed directly on the glass surface resulting in a permanent label that is durable enough for reuse.
  • Metallization offers a shiny appearance to convey a premium look and feel.
  • Silk screen printing allows creative design flexibility but incurs a cost increase if more colors are needed.
  • Pressure-sensitive labels are typically the most cost-effective option with a wide range of color capabilities but require distinct label panels. Note that indented label space on glass is critical for label protection for brands that require high-speed filling lines (e.g., beer).
  • Shrink sleeve labels can completely wrap around the glass bottle.
  • Color and Effects
  • Aside from clear, glass can be available in a few different colors. However, the material can be tweaked or optimized to create various color effects. For example:
  • Spray applications give the effect of a different bottle color.
  • Matte, glossy, ombre, or frosted finishes can customize the bottle's color and sheen.

Glass Embossing - Glass embossing is ideal for brand identification and provides a textured effect that captivates consumers and indicates premiumization. An embossed area is more fragile, so avoiding a place on the bottle that connects with another bottle is essential to prevent stress fractures and breakage on automated filling and labeling lines.

Closures - Stylized custom closures in materials such as wood and metallics will set your brand apart, especially in consumer segments where premiumization is preferred. For example, Peg Leg Porker’s Tennessee Bourbon includes an award-winning design with an Italian-made, custom bar top; it features the brand’s signature peg-legged pig made of Zamak metal.

Whether you seek a custom or stock glass packaging solution, our Design & Engineering team has the insights and expertise to provide eye-catching decoration recommendations to help differentiate your brand from the competition.

Our team will also make the best recommendations for custom solutions based on your operational requirements and development timeline to ensure seamless and successful commercialization. For more information, please contact us.

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