UDN's Eco-Friendly Tubes Showcased at LUXE PACK in green

  • UDN Packaging Corporation

LUXE PACK in green has become the premier event showcasing sustainable development to meet the needs of an entire profession. Every year, the LUXE PACK in green jury selects the best sustainable packaging solutions and responsible initiatives of exhibitors.

UDN was invited to participate in LUXEPACK Shanghai 2023 as part of the LUXE PACK in green exhibition. Showcasing its recent advancements and editions of the One-Piece Tube, UDN Packaging Corporation was able to highlight the tubes' versatility and variety. 

The UDN one-piece tube can be completed entirely using mono-material recyclable PP plastic material as well as a PE one-piece tube which offers a 55% reduction in material usage compared to conventional tube packaging. 

You can find an eco-friendly tube to meet your own brand's requirements and goals, complete with an extensive range of design and decoration possibilities. 

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