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Primer, concealer, foundation and BB cream have become the four basic pillars of beauty brands' makeup baseline.

UDN has cooperated with several global beauty brands such as REVLON, Charlotte Tilbury, Napoleon Perdis, etc., to define the new standard of high-quality makeup base packaging, and to provide consumers with a pleasant using experience!


Finding the right tube for the primer is like creating the perfect foundation for your makeup. Understanding the differences and features of Round- Tube, Ophthalmic-Tube and Slim-Tube can help you make the suitable choice:

UDN Round Tube is the traditional choice for primer packaging, characterized by its sturdy, classic and simple construction. Its standard spout is designed to accommodate a wide range of textures, from thick creams to light emulsions.

The Ophthalmic-Tube ensures that the product can be applied precisely to specific areas. And it allows for better control over the amount of product used and avoids wastage. Therefore, it’s suitable for thicker or high-coverage products, such as concealers or brighteners.

Not only aesthetically pleasing and portable, but also easier to hold, the Slim-Tube makes application easier. Its spout width can be adjusted according to the product texture, thus adapting to a wide range of primer from light to thick.


Concealer products usually require a higher level of packaging design in order to maximize the precision of assisting the user's makeup application technique and the achievement of a perfect finish.

Here are the differences between the four common tube types used in concealer products:

The Flocking Tube is particularly useful for covering large areas such as under-eye bags or uneven skin tone, and its soft touch also minimizes pulling on the skin in the delicate eye area.

Soft Tip Tube with a soft rubber tip provides a comfortable application experience and is suitable for precise correction of the specific face area, such as acne scars or discoloration.

The Tip Tube is suitable for liquid concealers, its thin spout ensures that the concealer can be applied to freckles or small blemishes for extremely precise spotting.

For larger areas or areas that need to be blended, Brush Tube will be the best choice. Its brushes are designed to allow for perfect blending of the concealer into the skin, while also facilitating gentle smudging after application for natural-looking coverage.

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UDN Soft Tip Tube: to bring soft and clean experience

The Soft Tip Tube is one of the most popular tubes in UDN's packaging products. Currently, UDN Soft Tip Tube has been used in a wide range of product lines such as eye creams, eye shadows, eye serums, wrinkle serums, concealers, hair care, foundations, pet oral cleansing, baby oral care, lipsticks, lip glosses, etc. The design of Soft Tip Tube emphasizes the flexibility and multi-functionality, which makes it particularly suitable for use in areas that require precise dispensing of liquids.

UDN Mascara Tube- The Perfect Choice for Eye Products

Well-designed packaging for liquid eye products, such as the UDN Mascara Tube, can help consumers easily apply mascara to their lashes, achieving the perfect makeup look. UDN, a leading provider of innovative and professional packaging solutions, has successfully partnered with globally recognized beauty brands like NYX and Make Up Forever, offering eco-friendly options that align with their diverse market positioning. By doing so, UDN helps these brands convey their commitment to sustainability in all aspects of beauty and personal care.

UDN Mascara Tube for Liquid Lipsticks

Compared to creams, liquid lipsticks have a more natural and better makeup effect, so packaging design that facilitates application and precise control of volume has become an important part of lip products. Mascara Tube with flocking head is favored by brands because the built-in brush or sponge tip makes it easiest to apply lip glaze accurately and evenly, as well as outline the lip line with ease and maintain clean. Today we would like to share four liquid lip products brands that UDN has collaborated with, bringing packaging inspiration for lipsticks products.

UDN Side by Side Tube

The Side by Side Tube consists of two hoses side by side, which can be stored in separate compartments for the two care ingredients can be bottled independently, preventing the contamination during the application process. The tube head contains two holes in addition to a specially designed large and small aperture contents from different orifices evenly extruded to facilitate the brand to adjust the proportion of the main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients. Therefore, Side by Side Tube is especially suitable for the transportation of care ingredients that are not easy to co-preserve.

UDN Twist off Tube For Pharmaceuticals

UDN produces disposable Twist off Tube products that exceed daily personal care standards up to medical grade, and is continuing to provide aseptic and safe encapsulation designs for scar gels, hydrogel excipients, and other medications for a number of pharmaceutical brand companies. UDN Twist off Tube can better preserve ingredient activity and maximize the effect of skin care products, which is suitable for disposable skincare products. After unscrewing the top twist-top, if the product is not used all at once, the twist-top can be inserted directly into the mouth of the bottle to seal it, so as to refuse to waste.

UDN Launches The Innovative Hair Tube

UDN has launched The Hair Tube, which can provide a convenient, comfortable and customized user experience for every consumer, helping brands to innovate and elevate diverse hair products. Combining the tube and the comb, consumers can simply remove the cap and squeeze out the contents, applying the product to the hair evenly. The special teeth of the tube ensure that the content reaches the roots and scalp without any waste. The cap seals on and off, so it's easy to use and enjoy.

UDN's Soft Tip Lip Stick Tube: Apply, Spread and Scrape Away Excess

Meet the Soft Tip Lip Stick Tube that uses a beveled scraper-style applicator that offers multiple benefits for consumers. The soft flexible applicator is soft to the touch, pleasantly gliding across the skin.  The thin concave shape of the applicator head has been designed to fit the natural shape of the lip but can also work as a multi-tool that can scrape away excess makeup or spread lotion across the skin for a spa-like feeling.

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