UDN Tubes For Foundation: Part 2

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UDN has a deep understanding of the packaging needs of foundations and skin creams and a wealth of experience in design and production, driven by its close cooperation with the world's top beauty brands. UDN is committed to providing consumers with an experience that is both convenient and precise, ensuring that every application reveals the product's optimal effect.


As foundation is a key step in building skin texture, the right tube shape can optimize the product's effect and application experience, and enhance the user's feeling of use.

Currently, UDN offers the following four types of tubes for the foundation products of the world's leading beauty and skincare brands:

The UDN Pump Tube is a small and sophisticated tube for precise control of the amount of foundation to be applied.

Designed to ensure smooth dispensing even with heavier products, it is ideal for thicker foundations or those with pearlescent particles.

UDN Slim Tube & Ultra Slim Tube are sleek, portable, and usually have a wide spout. They are especially good for foundations that flow well and can be easily applied to the entire face for even coverage. The flat shape makes it easier to grip and portable, making it ideal for everyday makeup application.

The Round Tube is one of the most classic design, and it’s simple and easy to use. Its spout size is medium, making it suitable for a wide range of foundation textures, from liquid to creamy.

UDN Brush Tube is equipped with a built-in brush head for quick and even application of foundation. The brush head design helps the product blend into the skin for a flawless finish.

Separating Lotion

Pump Tubes, Ultra Slim Tube, Tip Tubes, and Slim Tubes are commonly used to package products for barrier lotions and creams, and each has unique advantages and application differences:

Tip Tubes

With a unique long and thin nozzle design, it is easy to apply with precision, especially on small areas of the face or in areas that require delicate touch-ups, such as the nose and the corners of the eyes, and is suitable for smoother-textured barrier creams or skin creams.

Pump Tube

Suitable for barrier creams or skin creams with a thicker texture. Users can easily adjust the pressing force according to their needs, realizing different needs from spot application to even coverage of the whole face, especially for consumers who have the need and desire for flexible use.

Slim Tube & Ultra Slim Tube

They are suitable for barrier creams or moisturizers with good fluidity.

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UDN Mascara Tube for Liquid Lipsticks

Compared to creams, liquid lipsticks have a more natural and better makeup effect, so packaging design that facilitates application and precise control of volume has become an important part of lip products. Mascara Tube with flocking head are favored by brands because the built-in brush or sponge tip makes it easiest to apply lip glaze accurately and evenly, as well as outline the lip line with ease and maintain clean. Today we would like to share four liquid lip products brands that UDN has collaborated with, bringing packaging inspiration for lipsticks products.

UDN Side by Side Tube

The Side by Side Tube consists of two hoses side by side, which can be stored in separate compartments for the two care ingredients can be bottled independently, preventing the contamination during the application process. The tube head contains two holes in addition to a specially designed large and small aperture contents from different orifices evenly extruded to facilitate the brand to adjust the proportion of the main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients. Therefore, Side by Side Tube is especially suitable for the transportation of care ingredients that are not easy to co-preserve.

UDN Twist off Tube For Pharmaceuticals

UDN produces disposable Twist off Tube products that exceed daily personal care standards up to medical grade, and is continuing to provide aseptic and safe encapsulation designs for scar gels, hydrogel excipients, and other medications for a number of pharmaceutical brand companies. UDN Twist off Tube can better preserve ingredient activity and maximize the effect of skin care products, which is suitable for disposable skincare products. After unscrewing the top twist-top, if the product is not used all at once, the twist-top can be inserted directly into the mouth of the bottle to seal it, so as to refuse to waste.

UDN Launches The Innovative Hair Tube

UDN has launched The Hair Tube, which can provide a convenient, comfortable and customized user experience for every consumer, helping brands to innovate and elevate diverse hair products. Combining the tube and the comb, consumers can simply remove the cap and squeeze out the contents, applying the product to the hair evenly. The special teeth of the tube ensure that the content reaches the roots and scalp without any waste. The cap seals on and off, so it's easy to use and enjoy.

UDN's Soft Tip Lip Stick Tube: Apply, Spread and Scrape Away Excess

Meet the Soft Tip Lip Stick Tube that uses a beveled scraper-style applicator that offers multiple benefits for consumers. The soft flexible applicator is soft to the touch, pleasantly gliding across the skin.  The thin concave shape of the applicator head has been designed to fit the natural shape of the lip but can also work as a multi-tool that can scrape away excess makeup or spread lotion across the skin for a spa-like feeling.

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