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UDN 2023 Highlights - Innovation, Sustainability and Recognition: Part 2

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Awards and Recognition

In March this year, UDN was awarded "Outstanding Enterprise of the Year in Fulfilling Social Responsibility" by the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions (SFTU) for its long-term commitment to environmental protection and pragmatic sustainable practices.

In November, UDN was awarded the EcoVadis Silver Rating. This award reflects the global recognition of our CSR efforts, as well as our efforts in environmental management and employee health.

As a leading international CSR and sustainability rating organization with many giant brand members such as Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Unilever, P&G, etc., EcoVadis' Silver Award is only given to companies that score in the top 25% of the participating companies assessed.

In June 2023, UDN signed an internship agreement with Shenzhen University and set up an internship base in our company.

This not only provides valuable internship opportunities for university students and reflects UDN's social responsibility to create value and educate people with the campus, but also brings us fresh ideas and innovative inspirations.

Industry Contribution

UDN takes a three-dimensional approach to driving innovation and impact across the entire value chain. From the safety of our employees to the environmental impact of our plant operations to the collaboration of our upstream and downstream partners, we work with all stakeholders to build the future of the packaging industry.

We use our own practices to guide our customers to make environmentally responsible choices by selecting environmentally friendly products. At the same time, UDN reduces carbon emissions downstream by purchasing low-carbon and environmentally friendly raw materials through the demand for recycled materials. From the upstream end of the supply chain, UDN is making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Developing single-material packaging that is easier to recycle and convenient for consumers to use and recycle, in order to drive more branded products into an effective recycling system, thereby reducing the burden on the environment.

At the same time, we attach great importance to the safety and health of our employees. 2023, UDN has once again obtained the international standards of ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environmental Management, and ISO45001 Occupational Health Management, demonstrating a solid step towards a comprehensive scientific and efficient management system. These international certifications provide us with a solid systematic foundation for safe, stable and environmentally friendly quality production.

2023 was a year of innovation and growth for UDN. In the future, we will build on this year's achievements, continue to promote the sustainable development of the industry, and commit ourselves to providing our customers with higher quality and more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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Compared to creams, liquid lipsticks have a more natural and better makeup effect, so packaging design that facilitates application and precise control of volume has become an important part of lip products. Mascara Tube with flocking head are favored by brands because the built-in brush or sponge tip makes it easiest to apply lip glaze accurately and evenly, as well as outline the lip line with ease and maintain clean. Today we would like to share four liquid lip products brands that UDN has collaborated with, bringing packaging inspiration for lipsticks products.

UDN Side by Side Tube

The Side by Side Tube consists of two hoses side by side, which can be stored in separate compartments for the two care ingredients can be bottled independently, preventing the contamination during the application process. The tube head contains two holes in addition to a specially designed large and small aperture contents from different orifices evenly extruded to facilitate the brand to adjust the proportion of the main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients. Therefore, Side by Side Tube is especially suitable for the transportation of care ingredients that are not easy to co-preserve.

UDN Twist off Tube For Pharmaceuticals

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UDN has launched The Hair Tube, which can provide a convenient, comfortable and customized user experience for every consumer, helping brands to innovate and elevate diverse hair products. Combining the tube and the comb, consumers can simply remove the cap and squeeze out the contents, applying the product to the hair evenly. The special teeth of the tube ensure that the content reaches the roots and scalp without any waste. The cap seals on and off, so it's easy to use and enjoy.

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