The MaxiDose Silicone Valve Closure

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There are times when you just want a teensy bit of sauce. The best example of this has historically been ketchup, with consumers traditionally waiting for what seems like eons for the thick liquid to pour out of a glass bottle or using a squeeze bottle that always seems to grow a crunchy disc around the opening, which is not very appetizing or hygienic.

In recent years, many sauce producers, including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and assorted dressings, have moved toward plastic top-down bottles, ensuring gravity keeps the product perfectly prepared for dispensing. Some feature pop-out valves that eliminate residue, but that require a lot of pressure to activate, and with that much pressure, the sauce usually shoots out of the bottle onto the plate, either dispensing far too much product or spattering everything within arm's length.

So, what do you do when you just want a dollop?

Plasticum has developed a dispensing system that ensures easy dispensing of the quantity that the consumer actually wants. The key is the simple yet incredibly effective valve mechanism. In the cap, a thin silicon membrane cut in the form of a cross spans the aperture. The membrane remains flat and closed while at rest, as the downward force caused by gravity isn't sufficient to cause the valve to open - a slight amount of pressure is required, about the same amount as is required to blow a soap bubble. Once activated, the membrane can open a little or a lot, giving the consumer complete control over how fast he wants to dispense his product, whether it be a few drops on a plate for dipping, a nice even squeeze on a hot dog or burger, or a full on, plentiful plash all over a favourite dish. And the dispensing system isn't limited to foodstuffs, it can be used in conjunction with any sort of thick cream or unguent, including those used in the beauty and personal care sectors.

Thanks to Plasticum, there are no more splats and no more puddles - unless, of course, you want them.

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