Weener Plastics' PET roll-on is the perfect solution to replace glass

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Do you currently use or consider a glass roll-on because your brand requires a crystal-clear look? Are you also looking to reduce your carbon footprint? If so, then this PET roll-on is the perfect solution.

Lower Carbon Footprint

In anticipation of the decarbonization trend, Weener Plastics has developed a PET roll-on bottle for deodorants and antiperspirants. This sustainable development offers several advantages compared to glass roll-ons. The carbon footprint of the new design saves up to 45% CO2, depending on the weight of the current glass roll-on. Additionally, the lightweight pack can be made of recycled material and is more recyclable than a glass roll-on.

Smart Solution with Excellent Performance

This cost-effective 4-piece roll-on packaging concept provides advanced sealing properties and excellent pack tightness. The bottle is easily customizable and can be paired with a lightweight cap of your choice to match your brand identity. This roll-on pack, with fully aligned tolerances, features a convenient opening and closing mechanism. The transparent PET bottle has a premium, high-quality glass look.

Unique Benefits

  • Transparent, high-quality glass look
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Excellent sealing and pack tightness
  • Lightweight bottles and caps
  • Carbon footprint saving up to 45%
  • Better recyclability than glass
  • Convenient opening and closing
  • Flexible bottle design


  • 4-piece concept: bottle, fitment, ball and over cap
  • Pilot tools for the 1.14” PET bottle
  • Matt surface finish for the cap
  • Shiny surface finish for the bottle
  • Material of the cap PP (rPP optional)
  • Material of the bottle PET (rPET optional)

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