WP rethinks sustainable spray technology with its Integrated Spray Technology

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Weener Plastics' (WP) patented Integrated Spray Technology (IST) is a sustainable, one-piece spray system with a high-quality spray performance. Featuring a fully-integrated insert in the housing, IST eliminates the need for an additional insert, resulting in a one-piece, mono-material, recyclable spray solution.

The Integrated Spray Technology system also allows various designs, sizes and spray characteristics for a variety of applications. Circularity can also be further enhanced through the use of PCR material in the manufacturing of the aerosol spray cap.

"At Weener Plastics, we are actively working to reduce both our carbon footprint as a packaging manufacturer, and that of the products which we produce. One of our key goals is to produce 'sustainable innovations' so that by 2025, all of our products are either recyclable, reusable, refillable or a combination of these. Our Integrated Spray Technology system is a great example of a product that meets this goal."

Excellent spray performance

To create a fine mist, a disruptive break-up of the formulation is needed. WP has developed an innovative channel system for IST that ensures sufficient power for an excellent spray. This technology has been tested and refined for different formulations at the WP spray lab and the patented system can be tuned to suit various applications.

Integrated Spray Technology has been integrated into a range of standard aerosol spray caps, which can be used with all regular cans and valves available on the market.

WP's portfolio contains various designs for personal care, such as hairspray, deodorant and body spray, and household or technical applications so that customers are provided with the most effective solutions for their products.

Custom options are also available - just let us know your syle and decoration requirements! Contact Weener Plastics and reap the benefits of Integrated Spray Technology for your next project.

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