SealPack: WP's smart concept for roll-on packaging

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SealPack is Weener Packaging's super-smart roll-on packaging concept designed for deodorant and antiperspirant products that enables maximum flexibility for brands with the minimum investment. The pack is designed not only to offer a superior customer user experience but also to fulfill many sustainability objectives. 

Sustainable packaging

SealPack is manufactured as a completely plastic pack that is both lightweight and easy to recycle following use. The entire pack is comprised of just 3 pieces - the overcap, the roll-on ball, and a single-piece bottle which incorporates the ball fitment area, thus reducing the weight when comparing the SealPack roll-on with other roll-on packs on the market.

The innovative pack benefits from a patented sealing feature that ensures optimum ball tightness and e-commerce credentials. Underlining the product's outstanding functionality, SealPack has passed the ISTA 6 Amazon test for prep-free packaging.

Customizable color and style

Brands can customize not only the colors but also the style of their packaging using WP's smart tool concept. This allows them to fully personalize the shape of the blow-molded bottle at a lower cost. All bottles share a standard cap and can be manufactured in numerous shapes, featuring straight or curved sides based on customer preferences. Brands have the flexibility to implement their unique packaging design or seek assistance from Weener's experienced design team.

As a further benefit, the container can be customized and produced in all common sizes and diameters, with capacities ranging from 50ml up to 70ml and the standard 1.4" ball can be replaced by balls of 1", 1.14", 1.3" or a larger 1.5" option.

In addition to the mono-material PP pack, the SealPack roll-on can also be manufactured as a PE container complemented by a PP overcap, and include a high share of PCR to further improve sustainability goals.

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