Sustainable and lightweight - its UDN's one-piece tube

The 3rd generation of UDN's one-piece tube is over 60% lighter than a normal tube with a flip-top cap. The tube can be manufactured in capacities of 30-120ml, making it ideal for cosmetic and cosmeceutical applications.

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Berry Global B Circular Plastic Tubes

Berry Global offers a range of innovative extruded plastic tubes that give a polished seamless look ideal for cosmetics, beauty, and personal care. The Berry Global B Circular tubes are 100% assembled in the US at vertically integrated plants.

Berry Global carries one of the broadest ranges of extruded tube offerings in the market with endless combinations of materials, closures, resin colors, and decorations. Berry Global will walk you through creating a new tube solution.

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Fully Recyclable One-Way Valve Tubes: Mono Material

The APG Infinity One-Way Valve Tube Series is the ultimate solution for reducing the usage of preservatives and active ingredients! This series is entirely recyclable and crafted from a single material, making it an absolute must-have for creams, oils, foundations, and toners in the cosmetic industry.

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Neopac's DigitAll360° webshop for digitally printed tubes

DigitAll360° offers you a fast way to order custom tube packaging with low minimum order quantities and short delivery times.

It was developed to meet the demand of beauty start-ups, Indie Beauty Brands, and fast-track projects of cosmetics companies.