Caps and lids for every packaging need

Raptor Packaging supplies more than a thousand types of closures. From Child-Resistant Closures, Continuous Thread Closures, Flip Top Closures, and Disc Top Closures, they have the right cap or lid for your brand.


Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, check out their selection today. 

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Kornelis turns the world of caps and closures

There's nothing standard about Kornelis' standard and custom caps and closures. Kornelis' closure solutions are designed to draw the consumer's eye and provide a better user experience with the product.

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Giflor's Eco Low Profile caps are inspiring industry

As brands look for simple ways to improve their sustainability credentials, Giflor's Eco Low Profile cap options have gone from strength to strength, offering a lightweight packaging option that utilizes less plastic material and benefits a reduced carbon footprint.

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