Georgina and Turia are the perfect match

The Quadpack Design and Advanced Technologies Department has been hard at work addressing the question, ‘What will the Beauty Market Look Like in 2022?’ As explained last month, the answer lies in four themes that define future trends.

A quality and sustainable drink experience

A range of popular French craft beers can now be enjoyed in 25cl Eco-Line cups from RPC Bebo Bouxwiller. The Eco-Line cups enable the company’s customers to enjoy their favourite beers whenever and wherever they want. The cups’ lighter weight, easy handling and smooth rim ensure a quality drinking experience.

Dense, sumptuous foam from S Pack's latest foamer

S Pack's newest foamer benefits the same advanced dispensing technology for which the Taiwanese packaging manufacturer is recognized and dispenses foam that is notably more dense and durable than most others available on the market. The foam actuator is easy to mobilize with a single finger in order to create a rich, tight and dense foam ready to apply.

CDP Climate Score and Supplier Engagement Rating

In recognition of both the high degree of transparency in climate change reporting and climate protection efforts, Constantia Flexibles was rewarded with a very high CDP Climate Score Rating in 2018. Constantia Flexibles has received a score of A- which is within the Leadership band and is much higher than the sector average (D) and the Europe regional average (C).

Worldwide distributor of sealants invests in a reusable packaging produced from recycled tubes of seal and glue

Den Braven, a world-famous producer of sealants and glue and DS Smith Plastics co-designed one universal state-of-the-art briefcase to be used both for retail and E-commerce. DS Smith Plastics has the technique to produce packaging made from post-consumer plastic waste but Den Braven wanted to take this a step further and challenged the R&D department in Bilzen to produce the packaging of recycled empty tubes of seal and glue.

Proseal's sustainable solution wins major award

Proseal Australia has won a prestigious Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) Award of Excellence. In the Customer Collaboration category, the company was rewarded for its pioneering work with its customer Fresh Berry and packaging partner CFK of Canada in delivering a solution that reduced the amount of plastic packaging for strawberries by as much as 96%.

New opal glass bottle from Rayuen Packaging

Rayuen Packaging have released a new opal glass bottle ideal for containing dietary supplements and nutraceutical products. The sleek white appearance of the bottle gives a professional and elegant look that inspires trust in the customer at the point of purchase.

Olcott Plastics joins forces with Pretium Packaging

Pretium Packaging, a leading North American manufacturer of plastic containers and closures, is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with Olcott Plastics, Inc. of St. Charles, Illinois, through an acquisition. Olcott meaningfully bolsters Pretium’s injection molding and personal care/beauty offerings while Pretium allows Olcott to offer blow molded containers and a national footprint to its customers.

Guinness removes plastic packaging from its beer packs

Guinness is investing £16million to reduce the amount of plastics used in its beer packaging, which will see the introduction of 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard to replace plastic and a reduction of plastic waste that is the equivalent of removing 40 million 50cl plastic bottles from the world.

ADF&PCD Shanghai 2019 hailed a success

Shiseido, Givenchy, Godiva, Henkel and Unilever were among the many brands attending ADF&PCD Shanghai 2019. The highly anticipated 2nd edition, which took place at The Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing on 27 & 28 March 2019, enjoyed a 26% growth in visitors.

Not just condiments - Grocery delivery expands packaging for perishables

Indeed, if we look to the restaurant industry, we can see that natural packaging seems to be the next big thing. Whether that means making containers out of compostable materials like cornstarch, wood, or bamboo ? or even just focusing on easily recycled components ? it’s safe to say that the usage of Styrofoam and cellophane is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

RPC Superfos upgrades labelling tool to fully-interactive 3D pack configurator

As a front-runner in the development and manufacturing of plastic packaging solutions, RPC Superfos approached Webpac to take pack development to the next level and provide an optimized configuration experience for their customers. Webpac is replacing RPC Superfos’ current labelling tool with a powerful, fully-interactive 3D configurator, enhancing not only the visualization of pack designs but also allowing customers to configure and decorate packs in seconds.

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