Packaging News

Clear eyeshadow compact
LIBO Cosmetics
Bring out your eyes with this clear, square eyeshadow quad. Libo has designed the pack with a clear cover and transparent platform. It's ideal for eyeshadow palettes, highlighter and blush make-up.
Hybrid packaging reduces plastic content

IIC is well known for its innovative packaging solutions for the food industry. The company's Desto packaging —or Hybrid packaging— for food, offers many advantages. Maintaining the typical characteristics of a pack, the plastic content can be reduced by up to a whopping 80%.

Packaging comfort food & beverages
Food and beverages products have a unique ability to evoke memories of simpler times and provide comfort. During times of uncertainty, consumers will seek out products that provide comfort and security. Food and beverage brands that use their packaging to speak to this trend will quickly communicate their value and position themselves well for success in the market.
Weener Plastics launches sustainable PE CosmoTop tube closure
Weener Plastics
Weener Plastics (WP) is launching its brand-new range of CosmoTop tube closures, which combine convenience, high quality and sustainability, and have been specially developed for the Personal Care and Cosmetics market. The new range is made of polyethylene in order to realize a mono-material packaging solution in combination with HDPE tubes, thereby achieving 100% recyclability.
Tekni-Plex acquires Johnson Plastic Group, expanding medical device footprint
Tekni-Plex Healthcare has acquired precision extrusion manufacturer Johnson Plastic Group (JPG) as part of a strategy to expand the company’s patient care solutions platform. Located in Mexicali, Mexico, Johnson Plastic Group specializes in precision extrusions for medical device applications. The company provides complete extrusion solutions into a variety of medical device applications for interventional and therapeutic procedures.