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Is Wild Glass the new sustainable packaging trend?
Natural imperfections are beauty. Wild Glass is the new reference for a handmade image. It is the new fashion colour and it's produced with 100% recycled glass (PCR). Perfect for spirits, wines, beverages, gourmet, and beauty.
AWANTYS collaboration with Lalique Beauty results in award
This month, Lalique Beauty received the CosmétiqueMag bronze award in the category Parfums Masculins – Marque Exclusive Et Distributeur with its first fragrance for Brioni. The AWANTYS team congratulates Lalique for the award and feels honored for having had the chance to contribute to this successful launch.
Mondi honoured with Hungaropack award for sustainable paper-based FlexiBag
Mondi’s paper-based FlexiBag with high-quality flexoprinting is recognised as an innovative alternative to plastic packaging in this year’s Hungarian Hungaropack award. The sustainable packaging solution is produced by using renewable resources and reduces plastic consumption of German pet food producer Interquell.
Beauty trends that will mark 2022

While beauty brands were facing the challenge of digital transformation, a new generation was taking over as prime consumers. 2022 starts with a focus on Generation Z, which grew up ‘digital’ and is socially and environmentally concerned.

Berry Announces Goal for 30% Circular Plastics by 2030, With Long-Term Vision to Decouple from Fossil Fuels
Berry Global

Berry Global announces its new commitment of having 30% circular plastics by 2030. Moving from fossil fuels to circular feedstocks, Berry can help its customers achieve their #sustainability goals while significantly reducing Scope 3 GHG emissions. Berry estimates the GHG emissions avoided per year by 2030 to be 350k-800k metric tons of our C02 based off of our customers use of circular solutions.

Sparkle with Hopeck Rolling Threaded Pipette Dropper Bottle

Adding to its extensive range of beauty, personal care, home care, and cosmetics offerings, HOPECK has designed a new pipette dropper bottle- the stunning Rolling Threaded Pipette Dropper Bottle. This easy-to-use pack is special not only for its gorgeous appearance but also its versatile usage in a broad variety of cosmetic package solutions.