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Purity Pump: Brings Brands to the Future of Eco
NF Beauty Group

Purity’s unique design and actuation gives full presence to recyclability meaning the pack does not require complicated disassembly in order to be recycled. Eco-conscious consumers can also enjoy the Purity Pump’s refillable mechanism which allows them to buy more economical refill packs with a lower carbon footprint.

Elevate Your Lipstick Experience with Regalo Slim!
Behind the scenes, Regalo undergoes a precision engineering process to ensure the flawless functionality of its elevation system. The sleek and refillable design adds an eco-friendly touch, incorporating PCR and PET materials. The 3.5g bullet, encased in a premium aluminum shell, undergoes meticulous anodizing for customizable, chic color options.
Enhance Spraying Experience With Rieke
Rieke Packaging
Rieke offers an extensive selection of high-quality sprayers, designed to meet a wide range of product requirements. From fine mist fragrance sprayers to user-friendly trigger sprayers, all products are engineered to guarantee precision and efficiency.
Quadra: Bold Cubical Designs For Luxury Fragrances
Geared towards a masculine, dominant or gender-neutral aesthetic, The Quadra features a characteristically broad square dispensing head, offering a more distinctive look than conventional fragrance pumps. With versatile decorative options, the box outer casing can create a sleek raw industrial feel in single colouring. Or when combined with gold lining on the edges, the packaging emanates a classic opulent finish of high-end gift packaging.
Quadpack starts airless manufacture in the Americas
Quadpack is bringing production of its prestige airless products to the Americas. Thanks to a partnership agreement with US injection moulding company Colt’s Plastics, it will be offering its best-selling Regula Airless Refill range locally to brands in the region, with shorter lead times and a reduced carbon footprint.
Six Reasons to Choose Aeroflexx

When it comes to liquid packaging design, you need a product that delivers on customers' needs for convenience, value, and sustainability. Discover why the AeroFlexx Pak is that product.

The Syringe Dropper: With a Choice of PET or Glass Bottle
The syringe dropper gives your product a niche and professional look on the shelves as well as providing advanced functionality. Unlike conventional droppers seen on the market, the syringe dropper is perfect for adjusting dosages for cosmetics, skincare, and healthcare treatments. The syringe dropper allows users more control over the application process and is also the ideal choice for high-viscosity products.
100 looks of Epopack presents: #12 The Mid-Century Look
"The Mid-Century Look" is a captivating set of bottles and jars that takes you on a nostalgic journey back in time. Inspired by the timeless charm of mid-century design, this collection from Epopack showcases a delightful mix of colors and shapes that evoke the elegance and simplicity of a bygone era.
TKPC Launches New Line of Eco-Friendly Mono Pumps

Inspired by hunters, the TKPC team developed a unique elastic reset mechanism made entirely of plastic, designed on the same underlying principle as a bow. This led to the launch of the Mono Pump line of dispensers: a completely recyclable range of mono-material pumps.

Screw Neck Mist and Fragrance Sprays: Elegant and Refillable Friendly
Tirrit provides screw neck pumps, ideal for refillable friendly packs. Models ST3050, ST3051 and ST3040 use and sophisticated elongated collars with metalized finishes to easily match refined bottle designs. These screw neck pumps cater to multiple standardized sizes of 18/415, 20/410 and 24/410 compatible with a wide array of bottles.