Packaging News

Minjin's airless syringe dispenser
Minjin presents its syringe airless dispenser with an inner refill so that the customer can easily replace the formulation. It's an ideal pack for brands that what to highlight their natural and sustainable credibility.
Tubeplant's 360 tube print technology

Tubeplant is a market leader in tube production for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with 2 decades of experience. The company's production process ensures a short manufacturing time along with superior print quality.

Adding value with promotional packaging

Promotional packaging is essential for promotional campaigns. When a potential buyer enters an establishment, the offer they have for products is very wide and, in the face of this fierce competition, packaging must stand out from the rest.

Smurfit Kappa and KHS join forces to roll out sustainable TopClip solution
Smurfit Kappa

Packaging leader Smurfit Kappa has joined forces with KHS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage and liquid food industries, to roll out its sustainable TopClip multipack product for bundling canned beverages. The partnership brings to the market an end to end solution for beverage companies.

A flipping good closure!
Certina Packaging
One family, multiple possibilities. HK Cosmetic Packaging has introduced its own line of standard flip-top caps onto the market. This new family incorporates 3 different necks as standard and can be produced in a wide array of colors to fit into established brand lines.
Trivium triumphs in 2020 virtual can summit

The 2020 Can of the Year awards, which would normally have been announced and presented at a well-attended annual summit, have just been published online. Despite the change, one element remained constant – Trivium Packaging’s success in several categories across a variety of food, drink and personal care products.

Tetra Pak research study reveals food safety-environment dilemma fostered by COVID-19 pandemic
Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak has unveiled findings from its global research study, in partnership with Ipsos, showing that food safety is a major issue for society. The same amount of respondents believe that COVID-19 is a “real threat.” At the same time, concern for the environment remains strikingly powerful, pointing towards a dilemma in the consumers’ minds as they try to balance the critical priorities of human existence through safe food and sustainability of the planet we live on.

Virospack provides an unbeatable service in complicated times

Even in strange times, such as the one we are experiencing in 2020, Virospack has promptly and successfully fulfilled their commitments to brands, continuing to deliver their droppers on time. Thanks to manufacturing in their own facilities and the hard work of each and every employee, Virospack has been able to continue providing top service throughout the pandemic.

The future of pharma-grade pack sourcing is here
Medications and pharmaceuticals require very specific packaging that meets the highest safety standards and includes specialized seals, closures, and applicators. Some of this industry’s top packaging suppliers are showcasing their latest innovations in full 3D at Webpackaging LIVE. Discover and source the latest pharma-grade packs from these major suppliers.
Giflor's recycle-ready cap and tube solution
Following intensive development and testing, Giflor's eco low profile cap (ELP) is now part of a brand new laminate mono-material tube system that is recycle-ready as a single piece of packaging. The new launch marks another milestone on the path towards sustainable packaging and a circular economy.