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New insights from WP’s Sustainability & CSR Report 2022
Weener Plastics

Weener Plastics presents its Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility report 2022. This third edition shares up-to-date insights into our goals, ambitions, initiatives, and achievements in sustainability and CSR, providing stakeholders with a clear overview of ongoing continuous improvements.

Celeste Line: Metal-Free, Mono Material and Recyclable
NF Beauty Group

NF Beauty’s Celeste Line perfectly marries together modern design with eco-friendly features to create elegant and futuristic packs for cosmetics and personal care products. Including jars, pumps and droppers, the range is produced using recyclable mono-material components.

Micen Presents: The Mini Luxury Series
If you are in search of small-capacity glass bottles that exude a luxurious appearance and provide a pure and elegant effect, look no further than our latest addition: the Mini Luxury Series.
All-Plastic PP Mini Spray Bottles: Ideal For Travel Editions and Samples
MayPak Packaging

The All-Plastic Mini Spray Bottle is the ideal solution for product for portable products, travel editions, intensive one-off treatments or even samples. Completed entirely using all-plastic, the pack provides a metal-free pathway for the solution, avoiding any formula reaction to metal. Once the product has been used, consumers can easily recycle the mono-material PP bottle, pump and cap in one go.

Ice cream in 100 ml available now
Cardbox Packaging

side from folding carton packaging, Cardbox Packaging is an important producer of carton cups and lids for ice cream. These products are especially popular among those ice cream manufacturers looking for more sustaiable packaging solutions. During the last few years, Cardbox Packaging has been continously extending its production capacity at the Pinkafeld location.

Tubes for Sunscreen This Summer

UDN's renowned One-Piece Tube is an eco-friendly and suitable option for your sun cream products as the entire tube is mono-material and easy to recycle.  The Ophthalmic Tube caters to products that require a more targeted application, creating an ideal pack for specialist skincare and eye care products that also provide sun protection. 

Kindu Packing's New Round PET Lipstick Packaging
KINDU Packing
Thanks to the natural properties of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, Kindu's round mono-material PET lipstick containers are remarkably durable, shatterproof, crack-proof, and chemical-resistant. Kindu Packing operates with international standards and offers professional packaging services for the beauty & cosmetics sectors—contact the state-of-the-art Kindu design team to bring your lipstick packaging ideas to fruition.
Perfect Combination for Home Care: Adapter Caps and Large Capacity Bottles
SHB Packaging

SHB's patented Angled-Neck-Adapter, SHA-01, has revolutionized the filling of Angled-Neck-Bottles. The adapter has been paired with the large capacity TC-01 bottle to create an iconic and reliable pack for homecare cleaning products. Complete with an overcap, this combination makes for a user-friendly pack, giving the consumer high functionality and targeted dispensing. 

Advantages of PCR Aluminium
With over 50 years of experience in packaging solutions, Condensa highlights the incredible benefits of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) aluminum packaging solutions.
KKP Mango Sunscreen Bottle
KKP captures the essence of summer in its Mango Sunscreen Bottle, a complete pack inspired by the juicy summer fruit. The bottle and cap incorporate smooth curves and shapes to create a tactilely pleasing pack that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. The sleek body and trendy design bring a distinctive twist to conventional sunscreen bottles.