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10 Key Points in Toly's Strategy

In line with our 2021 theme, I would like to share with you ten key points that I believe Toly must continue to focus on, such that we Play to Win.

Dutch waffles ditch packaging in favour of new cookie can
The Box b.v.
Our Dutch waffle client was looking for an alternative to the traditional round Dutch waffle tin. They were looking for a flat rectangular cookie can for packaging six Dutch waffles (or, as they call them: stroopwafels). The condition was that the custom made tin should be flat enough to fit in a mailbox...
Ring your customers' bell!

With so little time available to capture a consumer's attention, how can you ring their bell and make them take notice of your product on shelf? In addition to catching the consumer's eye, a pack needs to stand out from the crowd in order to be picked up and purchased.