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Meet Asquan's Team at MULA 2023
Asquan Group
Come visit the Asquan team in Los Angeles at MULA - Hall K, Booth H33! The company's knowledgeable sales team will be on hand to show you its latest and greatest offerings.
Seeing Double: UKPack's Double Tube Airless Bottle
UKPACK Packaging

UKPack’s Double Tube Airless Bottle is comprised of two 15ml compartments standing side by side. Each inner bottle connects to an all-plastic pump in order to prevent any formula reaction with metal. The pumps exquisite structural design provides users with a reliable and accurate dosing of 0.23ml from each of the chambers, making the pack ideal for skin treatments.

Roll On Bottle Built for Brands: The B71L
KAJ Sp. z o.o.

KAJ Packaging, experts in providing the personal care and cosmetic market with reliable and eco-conscious roll-on bottles, presents a new model, specially designed with brands in mind. The B71L model features a flat and wide shape at the front of the pack, giving brands a generous space for labeling and branding.

Bamboo Lipsticks
Cosmetic companies are always looking for more innovative ways to reduce plastic usage in their packaging solutions and Cosfinity can provide the beauty market with a visually appealing and eco-conscious solution, Bamboo Lipsticks. The lipsticks are designed with the classical cylindrical lipstick shape, with the outer casing cap and body completed in textured bamboo.
Operation Clean Sweep at Graham

In its sustainability efforts, Graham has collaborated with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) to ensure resins in its facilities remain contained. By preventing resin spills and leaks, it stops micro plastic from entering the environment and water systems.