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MRP Solutions, formerly known as Mold-Rite Packaging, Announces Rebrand
MRP Solutions
Mold-Rite Packaging, a provider of value-added packaging components has announced a corporate rebrand including a name change to MRP Solutions. MRP's new branding and refreshed positioning reflects mission of providing specialized, innovative solutions to its valued customers across health & wellness, specialty food, and other sectors.
Pujolasos launches P-Refill®

Discover P-Refill®, Pujolasos' new versatile and sustainable packaging innovation: A refillable jar, with an outer wooden layer, and an inner disposable and easy to recycle plastic container.

Bet you can’t believe it's not plastic!
HCP Packaging
EcoWood is a planet-friendly, bio-based material that blends the functionality, aesthetics and versatility we expect from traditional plastics with the eco-credentials today's consumer demands. This revolutionary fossil-free material is ready-to-go for HCP stock tottles in 10ml, 15ml, 30 and 50ml capacities.
Pack Portal is set to transform pack management

Until now, sourcing complete packs by the industry has not been possible from one single point of supply due to the number of products and manufacturers on the market. Enter Pack Portal, a digital tool specifically designed to service the Consumer Packaged Goods sector for the effective creation of complete packs with a speed and coherency that has never before been seen.

EcoFusion Top honored twice at German Packaging Award 2022

Albéa’s EcoFusion Top in combination with Thin-Wall and PCR-Max was awarded this week in the sustainability category as one of the overall 38 winners of the German Packaging Award. In addition, the tube received one of the 6 Gold Awards honoring groundbreaking innovations from among the winners.

Alfa Chemistry: Epoxy-functionalized Pheromones Enjoy Popularity in Pest Control
Alfa Chemistry
As a leading expert in the supply of pheromones, Alfa Chemistry has a thorough understanding of the essential role that insect pheromones play in pest control. Earlier this month, the company announced the decision to further enrich its offering range by introducing a dozen of epoxy-functionalized pheromones. Now a wide range of pheromones is readily available at Alfa Chemistry
COPCO's new material to reduce plastic
COPCO Packaging

COPCO has incorporated new material options for its packaging that are ideal to reduce plastic usage. The new choices are ideal for packaging a variety of personal care products and offer a unique finish for jars.

Recyclass approves Viva's IML Tube
Recyclass has tested and approved Viva's IML Tube solution. Results of independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the polypropylene (PP) based technology ‘IML tube’ developed by Viva Packaging is compatible with the rigid PP recycling stream.