Packaging News

Neopac introduces Europe’s first mono-material barrier tubes with HDPE caps to receive full Recyclass technology & product approval

Hoffmann Neopac s launching a novel line of mono-material barrier tubes providing exemplary product protection while being fully compatible with existing HDPE recycling processes. The first tube solution in Europe to receive full RecyClass technology and product approval per the organization’s “Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE Containers” standards.

Simple is good, but it must be impactful
Nest Filler's TNA - Turtle Neck Airless – offers you the physical comfort of cap-less system and the visual comfort of an extremely simple look, whilst not forgetting to make an impact with its highlighted neck and zooming nozzle.
SMART bottles prove ideal for many applications
Certina Packaging

Smart packaging is well designed to be highly functional. Consumers want handy-sized packaging that is quick and easy to use, whilst brands look for iconic styling which catches attention, yet is easy to fill and label. Certina Packaging's SMART bottle is the epitome of smart packaging.

Innovative solutions for a circular economy: Successful recycling of printed plastic films and processing of recyclate
PackSys Global AG
The need for circular economy solutions for plastic packaging requires the packaging industry to take an active role in ensuring circularity starting from design, following the entire life cycle. The PrintCYC project group, which includes PackSys Global, has achieved remarkable results regarding the recycling of printed plastic films and processing of recyclate.
Multiple nozzle options for veterinary syringes
Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD offers a comprehensive selection of dosing syringes used in the treatment of horses, cows, dogs, cats, and other animals. Available in single or multi-dose options, EFD disposable animal health syringes are used to package medications, supplements, and a variety of other creams, gels, and pastes.

Trivium delivers the perfect pour

Triviums beverage kegs do more than just ensure the freshness of your product. They enhance your brand with features that ensure your customers have the best experience with your product.

Virospack increases its wide range of metal shell bottles
If you are looking for a touch of elegance, check out Virospack range of metal shell dispenser dropper packs. It's a range of glossy, luxury and premium metal finish, which has expanded through the addition of a new 30ml metal shell bottle that fits with the company's 20/410 neck cosmetic and push button droppers.
Minjin's airless syringe dispenser

Minjin presents its syringe airless dispenser with an inner refill so that the customer can easily replace the formulation. It's an ideal pack for brands that what to highlight their natural and sustainable credibility.

Tubeplant's 360 tube print technology

Tubeplant is a market leader in tube production for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with 2 decades of experience. The company's production process ensures a short manufacturing time along with superior print quality.

Adding value with promotional packaging
Promotional packaging is essential for promotional campaigns. When a potential buyer enters an establishment, the offer they have for products is very wide and, in the face of this fierce competition, packaging must stand out from the rest.
Smurfit Kappa and KHS join forces to roll out sustainable TopClip solution
Smurfit Kappa
Packaging leader Smurfit Kappa has joined forces with KHS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage and liquid food industries, to roll out its sustainable TopClip multipack product for bundling canned beverages. The partnership brings to the market an end to end solution for beverage companies.