Virtuell packaging development par excellence

GEKA has launched a revolutionary 3D packaging configuration solution. By using this state-of-the-art tool you only need a few minutes to easily create a mascara product tailored to your brand and meeting your requirements when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and make-up performance.

Mini lip gloss bottle

There's something fun-size and special about mini make-up packs which makes them appeal to consumers big and small. IMS Packaging's mini lip gloss bottle has a capacity of 1.5ml and through the use of silkscreen or hot stamping decoration, can be styled according to brand requirements. It's also available with either an aluminium or plastic cap.

A box of delights

The RPC Bramlage Division has introduced a special Promotion Box that showcases a selection of cosmetic and personal care packaging solutions from its extensive ranges. The box underlines RPC Bramlage’s capabilities in handling a wide variety of product types and also demonstrates how the different pack designs and sizes can be successfully utilised to create a family range.

Aptar Food + Beverage creates a new bi-textured closure for dry herbs and spices

Aptar Food + Beverage, a global leader in innovative dispensing solutions in the food market, has launched a new bi-textured and bi-colored closure solution for the European food market for the new ‘Eurojar’ from McCormick & Company, a global leader in spices, seasoning mixes, condiments and other flavourful products. First introduced in May 2018 in the United Kingdom with the brand Schwartz, and in December 2018 in France with the brand Ducros, the new Eurojar custom-designed closure by Aptar will awaken cooking creativity in kitchens worldwide.

Virospack's Ring Push Button Dropper awarded Best Innovation 2019 in Paris

Once again Virospack's strong commitment to R&D has been recognized internationally, as the Dropper Company's Ring Push Button Dropper has been awarded in Paris as the Best Innovation 2019. A prestigious jury comprised of professionals from the sector, journalists, brands and suppliers, has highlighted this new dropper above all other nominations to award it as MakeUp in Paris' Best Launch of the Year.

Webpac creates advanced 3D configurator for GEKA, for unparalleled pack development

Webpac has created a revolutionary 3D packaging configuration solution for GEKA, the world-renowned cosmetic packaging supplier. With this state-of-the-art tool you only need a few minutes to easily create a mascara product tailored to your brand and meeting your requirements when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and make-up performance. By combining GEKA’s packaging and applicator expertise, and Webpac’s cutting-edge 3D technology, we provide users an efficient pack development solution and transform what is typically a lengthy and costly process.

Aptar Reboul x Lush Towards ever more ethical cosmetics

One of the world’s leading packaging dispensing systems for the cosmetics industry, Aptar Beauty + Home has adopted an ambitious approach to managing environmental challenges and is now developing a range of solutions with reduced environmental impacts, particularly in the area of make-up.

Funky, family-friendly airless animal bottles

UK company Neville and More remains true to its core by providing high quality, appealing, innovative products with the Animal Airless Range. The line consists of the Funky & Friendly Brown Bears, Pink Pigs, Green Frogs and Grey Hippos and is currently available in 50ml, 100ml, 150ml and 200ml sizes.

PET bottles for Marcelle's Micellar water

Since 2013, Marcelle has been an important partner of the Skin Health Program launched by the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA). The company has always been cautious in its packaging selection. Considering compatibility and stability requirements for its MICELLAR WATER series, the project manager selected SR Packaging to produce its very own PET bottle to protect 4 different products in this collection.

Aptar acquires Nanopharm and Gateway Analytical, broadening pharma services platform to accelerate customer drug development

AptarGroup, Inc. has announced that it has acquired two leading pharmaceutical services companies, Nanopharm Ltd. and Gateway Analytical LLC, for a combined enterprise value of approximately $50 million. The acquisitions are part of Aptar’s strategy to broaden its portfolio of services that support pharmaceutical and biotech customers to accelerate and derisk their complex product developments.

Preco realizes design inspirations for a unique appearance

Whether its an animal print, tortoise shell, pink coral, leather or a botanical look, Preco helps to realize designers' inspiration and imagination on heat transfer foil. By combining various printing techniques, Preco’s heat transfer foil gives packaging a unique appearance featuring a high quality animal theme image or nature inspired motif.

Fast and compact tray sealer for soft fruit trays

The Proseal GT4s tray sealer combines a compact design with high throughputs and rapid tool changes that enable fruit packers to react quickly to customer orders, particularly during the busy peak season. Specifically designed to handle atmospheric, gas flushing and hermetic shrink sealed trays, the Proseal GT4s offers speeds of up to 210 atmospheric packs per minute with an eight impression tool.

Safest solution is the most sustainable and cost-effective

The market-leading Varibox from RPC Promens is providing chemical companies with the ideal solution to improve their environmental profile and minimise the financial implications of the UK’s Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) regulations. The heavy-duty IBC features an inner container enclosed by an outer cover. The container is suitable for intensive usage for up to five years, making the Varibox fully reusable.

Guala Closures powers Malibu with new cap technology

Pernod Ricard is partnering with Guala Closures to support The Malibu Games 2019 by rolling out 300,000 bottles with connected closures for the first time in the US. The new Malibu limited-edition connected bottles will be circulated in the states of Ohio and Texas, featuring Guala Closures’ pioneering smart bottle cap. The connected closures will give consumers access to value-added extras.

Retort packaging 90 degree peel and lid strength testing

The food packaging industry has long had concerns about pinholes, flex cracks and leaks in the flexible materials and seals of retort flexible lidded packaging. A famous global food and drink maker needed to test the laminated retort (and other thin film) packaging solutions that protect products such as their popular microwaveable stir-in pots.

Australia & NZ packaging innovations recognised in 2019 WorldStar Packaging Awards

Three Australian companies and one New Zealand company have achieved international recognition for their innovative and unique packaging designs in the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards for 2019. The winning companies include Caps and Closures for Precise Pour, ILNAM Estate for 8 Kangaroos, Lactote for POLATOTE and Radix Nutrition for their Foil Packaging Breakfast Pouch and were across three categories, Beverage, Food and Domestic & Household.

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