Evolve your Beauty Packaging with Bayou’s PCR Solutions

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Cosmetics brands looking to launch a responsible beauty line are in luck- the PCR options from Baoyu are high-quality, sustainable, and cost effective.

Baoyu’s catalog features tried-and-true classic designs to perfectly match consumer expectations of the beauty industry. From lipstick tubes, powder jars, versatile cosmetic compacts, and mascara packs- Baoyu has everything a beauty brand needs.

To better serve the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging, Baoyu has a growing line of solutions available in PCR Plastic.

Recycled plastic doesn’t mean losing any of the beauty in your packaging. All of its popular PCR products can be decorated with metallization or spraying to better suit your branding needs.

PCR- PET/ PETG Lipgloss & Jar

These lip gloss tubes and jars give new life to old water bottles. The PCR PET material is flexible and can be used for the lid and the container.

PCR- PET/ABS Cosmetic Palettes and Compacts

These versatile compacts are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The flexible PCR material can be used for hte cover, insert, and base.


With as much as 75% of the material of the jar being made from recycled ABS, these jars help reduce the use of virgin plastic. The recycled plastic for these jars is created from old refrigerator cases, TV cases, washing machine outer shells, and more.

Launch your beauty products into the circular economy by choosing recycled plastic. Contact Baoyu to start today

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