PCR Cosmetic Solutions Made Beautiful With Baoyu Digital Printing

  • Baoyu

Baoyu doesn’t just offer sustainable PCR materials- the company also has the capabilities to decorate its packaging solutions beautifully with their state of the art digital printing and metallization technology.

Use PCR Plastic Instead of Virgin Materials

Although PCR plastic is a great option for brands looking for more sustainable packaging, sometimes the process to recycle plastic into PCR resin results in minor imperfections. These can include a slight yellow tint and black flecks.

Stunning Packaging Decoration 

The easiest way to use a high percentage of PCR plastic in a luxury pack is to decorate the plastic.

The team at Baoyu offer beautiful digital printing and metallization of its compacts, lipstick tubes, mascara packs, and more.

Choose between printing illustrations and designs on your packs or something simple like an all-over color or gradient. The options are endless!

Interested in a sustainable and beautiful cosmetic pack? Contact Baoyu today!

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