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On December 10, 2020, the 10th anniversary celebration of the medical Packaging Materials Committee of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Society was held in Guangzhou. Qing Kai, vice general manager of Shenzhen Bona Pharma Technology Co., LTD., and Zhang Yifeng, deputy general manager of Quality, were invited to attend the ceremony. At the ceremony, Bona Pharma was appointed as the vice chairman by committee, and won the "Excellent Committee Member" for the 10th anniversary of committee.

Image second left: Zhang Yifeng, Vice general manager of quality dept. from Bona Pharma, accepts the appointment on behalf of the company.

About Bona, its awards and its future

Shenzhen Bona Pharma Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of precision drug delivery devices & packaging materials for new drugs, vaccines and reagent, Nasal and oral spray pumps. In recent years, the company has made many breakthroughs in the aspects of product technology and technological innovation. Now, it has developed into a leading enterprise in the global precision drug delivery industry and an important supplier to well-known pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies in domestic and abroad. Through the information platform of the special committee and the communication among members, Bona Has obtained the latest policies and information of relevant pharmaceutical packaging technologies, materials, processes and equipment, etc.

By constantly optimizing the production process, perfecting the system guarantee, improving product quality, and carrying out energy conservation and consumption reduction, Bona has been recognized by more and more customers. And won the "national high and new Technology enterprise" title, successfully selected in Guangdong province "specialized special new" big and medium-sized enterprises and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "green factory" recognition.

Product innovation and quality

Focusing on product innovation and providing customers with high-quality products and services has always been the pursuit of Bona Pharma. Over the years, Bona Has actively participated in the scientific and technological academic exchanges organized by the special Committee, constantly learning and innovating, and rapidly improving the market competitiveness of products. The company has obtained a number of domestic and foreign invention patents and new utility patents, won the honorary title of "China Excellent Patent Award", and was recognized by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province as the Guangdong Precision drug delivery system engineering technology research center.

Bona Pharma has an experienced professional team and ISO15378 certificate (direct contact with drugs packaging materials of international quality standard GMP). It marks that we can bring more high quality products and services to customers.

Congratulations to the 10th anniversary of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Committee of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association. In the future, Bona Pharma will continue to keep close communication with the pharmaceutical packaging material Special Committee, constantly optimize products and services, and make more contributions to the cause of human health!

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