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Auditors give full affirmation for BONA's ISO 15378 certification

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Following 5 days of audits by SGS for its ISO 15378 certification, BONA has received a successful approval result. The audit began on June 6 and ended on June 10 and the company is very happy to share the latest results.

Following the audit, SGS commended the clear and continuous improvement across BONA's quality management system that has been developed and enhanced in recent years. 

The certification approval included:

  • QC Preparation for Microbial
  • QC Retention Samples Keeping
  • Purified Water Production
  • Final meeting

"We are proud that BONA is setting a good example for Chinese pharmaceutical packaging and that the company is on its way to being a leading role within the field."

BONA's new ISO 15378 certification will be ready at the beginning of July. 

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