Bona's nasal pump for preservative-free formulations

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There is currently a global tendency to favor preservative-free products. Bona's research and development department is always sensitive to market trends and has successfully developed a nasal sprayer product for preservative-free formulations. Bona is the only manufacturer in China that offers this line of products with competitive pricing.

We adopted the most popular snap-on design because of its excellent physical form and have enhanced it further for an even more refined and comfortable user usage experience.

The nasal sprayer's 20mm neck size can match most bottles on the market, and its choice of 0.14ml, 0.1ml and 0.05ml dosage options can satisfy a variety of different requirements. In addition to the product's standard parameters, Bona is able to provide customized requirements to satisfy customers' unique requirements.


Dosage options: 0.14ml, 0.1ml or 0.05ml
Neck size: 20mm for snap-on

Key features

  • Precise dosage, excellent spray atomization
  • Sterile design air filter prevents germ entering the bottle and protects the medical drug's liquid properties
  • Excellent physical design with improved comfort during usage
  • Full physical & chemical validation, high lever sterile testing
  • Provides preservative-free products with a sterile effect after sterilization

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