Now certified: Bona's disposable nasal nebulizer

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Bona Pharma has now officially obtained the Class II medical device product registration certificate for its disposable nasal atomizing drug delivery device. 

Bona's disposable nasal nebulizer is a highly innovative product that has adopted a new drug delivery method, which realizes precise drug delivery through nasal atomization. The novel design benefits from easy operation that is comfortable for the user. It is also more practical as the nasal sprayer is highly effective in ensuring accurate delivery of the product, making it ideal for products such as sprayable flu vaccines.

"The registration approval of this product is a major breakthrough for Bona Pharma's medical device products. It enriches the company's product offering, realizing the special needs of precision drug delivery by nasal nebulization, and makes new contributions to clinical scientific drug use."

Not only does Bona Pharma have its own research and development team, it also has its own engineering center so that it can manage all stages of product design, project research and product development of drug delivery products.

The addition of the disposable nasal nebulizer into its precision drug delivery devices highlights the company's strength in R&D, production technology, technical prowess, and product quality. Product certification by recognized authoritative departments strengthens Bona's reputation as a manufacturer of top-quality medical devices that benefit the healthcare industry.

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