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BONA's spray performance analyzing machines

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With deep research into drug delivery systems for over 20 years, BONA knows customers' needs very well.
BONA Labs has already imported spray performance analyzing machines to ensure top functionality. The company can also provide vitro analytical assessment services for customers who have specific requirements for spray performance.

Analysis of droplet size distribution (DSD) by laser diffraction

  • Spray particle and spray droplet size measurement, quickly and accurately assess droplet size distribution at either a local or global location within the spray plume
  • Nozzle Selection and Operating Condition Optimization

Analysis of spray pattern and plume geometry

  • Single system for both development and QC offers valuable insight into product performance during your pre-submission phase, as well as day-after-day reliability for production lot release testing
  • Provides robust, semi-automated analysis of spray pattern and plume geometry required by U.S. FDA compliance documentation (2003 BA/BE Draft Guidance)
  • Accurate characterizations of reference products let you achieve bioequivalence, faster

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