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A perfect product deserves a perfect label: Five Lakes Organic Vodka with decoration by CCL Siberia

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Inspired by the early morning freshness of the pristine Siberian taiga, «Alcohol Siberian Group» presents a new premium vodka: the «Five Lakes Organic Filtered».

To produce the special edition a unique organic-filter is used. It is filled with organic flax seeds and was developed exclusively for «ASG» guaranteeing a perfect balance of taste and aroma. In addition to the organic filtration process, a wheat alcohol called Alfa and natural Siberian water were used to ensure highest quality.

Committed to its ecological strategy, «ASG» not only uses organic components to manufacture its products but also forbids any use of plastic caps in the whole «Five Lakes» range enabling recycling of all packaging elements.

A perfect product deserves a perfect label. Given the successful history of cooperation with «CCL-Siberia» (one of «CCL-Kontur» separate subdivisions), «Alcohol Siberian Group» addressed its reliable partner to carry out this new project.

The main challenge the CCL faced was to achieve maximum transparency of the label highlighting the purity and naturalness of the product itself. The label was printed with offset technology while hot foil stamping was used to create fine silver elements. Tactile effect of the water ripples in the blue background was achieved thanks to gloss screen varnish which combined with matt varnish, enhances the feel of wild natural purity.

Caption: Five Lakes Organic Vodka with decoration by CCL Siberia

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