Pretty in PET cosmetic cream jars

  • Dongguan Jiaxin Industrial Limited

You don't need to look twice to see that Jiaxin's PET jars look pretty in pink, purple, orange, and indeed any color, especially when complemented by a metallized cap.

The PET 0365 range comprises 3 sizes of 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. The cosmetic jar itself is manufactured to mimic glass with a slightly heavy bottom and a classic form that is topped with a screw cap of a slightly lesser diameter to offer a distinct visual on shelf. The jar also benefits from being a double-wall container, adding to the more luxurious overall pack impression.

Like the aforementioned range, Jiaxin's PET 0362 line also comprises 3 different capacities, but features a slightly larger volume of 120ml for the largest option. The jars are offered with another classic shape with a very slight curve at the base of the wall as it tapers into the base of the pack.

The stylish PET jars can be colored according to brand requirements and offer a contemporary container for creams and viscous facial treatments.

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