Jiaxin's perfectly executed PE bottles

  • Dongguan Jiaxin Industrial Limited

Jiaxin Industrial is known for its excellence in manufacturing plastic packaging, in particular, plastic bottles for the personal care and cosmetic industries. The company has a broad offering of plastic bottles, including PET, PETG and PE bottle options, enabling brands to choose the bottle which best suits their formulation.

One of the primary benefits of PE bottles is their excellent durability. Not only are they resistant to breakage, PE bottles are fairly lightweight which results in a lower logistical carbon footprint when transported from their place of manufacture.

The other principal benefit of PE bottles for personal care lines is that they are very easy to decorate. Once a brand has decided upon the best bottle silhouette, the options are endless for coloring, labelling, spraying and printing in order to create a product that the consumer wants to buy and use.

Recommended PE bottle lines

HDPE 0237

The HDPE 0237 line includes 3 different-sized rectangular-shaped HDPE bottles in capacities from 200ml to 750ml. It is ideal for personal care lines, particularly when paired with a lotion pump for easy one-handed dispensing.
Discover the HDPE 0237 line of bottles.

HDPE 0260

The HDPE 0260 line is a line of 4 different-sized round-shaped HDPE bottles in capacities from 80ml to 500ml. The screw neck finish of the bottle makes them easy to match with a variety of closures and dispensers.
Discover the HDPE 0260 line of bottles.

HDPE 0306

Jiaxin's HDPE 0306 line of HDPE bottles is testament to the company's manufacturing expertise. The twist-look finish of the bottle line is truly eye-catching. The larger bottles are ideal for personal care products, whilst the 60ml option is perfect for cosmetic formulations or travel-sized packs.
Discover the HDPE 0306 line of bottles.

Find further examples of Jiaxin's perfectly executed PE bottles in a variety of styles designed with visual appeal

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