Cute and curvy: Jiaxin's PETG bottle with pretty lines

  • Dongguan Jiaxin Industrial Limited

Jiaxin's selection of PETG bottles includes a choice of 50 different styles. One of the company's most popular offerings is its cute and curvy bottle which unsurprisingly benefits from a particularly soft silhouette that is ideal for cosmetics.

With a complementary cap that sits flush on the bottle's 23mm neck, the bottle's curved shoulders and base are further highlighted. Benefiting a 50ml capacity, the PETG bottle is ideal for cosmetic fluids and travel size personal care products. Equally, the gentle curves are ideal for presenting skin care formulations targeted to babies' delicate skin.

The bottle features a very slight ring that is manufactured into the form of the bottle, indicating the ideal location for the bottle's labelling or decoration to begin, whilst also providing an easier grip for the consumer.

In addition to offering colouring, Jiaxin Industrial can also provide labeling, hot stamping and silk screening decoration services so that brands can give the bottle a unique finish to suit their product.

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Or, click here to view JX0060 in full 3D in your browser, then color it and style it with your logo to personalize the bottle to your brand's style!

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