Eurobox Senses: sensual packaging


Eurobox has launched its new campaign, Eurobox Senses. It focuses on the senses in an elegant and suggestive way, highlighting some of the company's projects, as well as the production process of its metal packaging.

Emphasising Premium packaging designed for the most select products, the campaign is an excellent presentation of the company for all brands which are looking for high-quality packaging.

A sensual packaging

The first dictionary meaning of the word sensual is the belonger or relating to the sensations of the senses, and that is what we need for our packaging. We look for a full range of sensations which can cover from the visual delight to the soft metal touch.

The customer starts to feel the desire to discover the packaging content, from the moment that the packaging is exhibited on the shop shelf to the moment they have it in their hands. The desire to open the packaging and to hear the soft crash which indicates the contents of the tin box is in sight...

In this way, the emotions, which guide the client to open the packaging are anticipated. The soft touch of an exquisite cosmetic product, the delicious aroma of a perfume which makes us dream of luxury and glamour, or, maybe, the delicious taste of chocolate melting in your mouth.

See more in the video.

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