2020's best metal packaging


It's not easy to choose which are our favourite metal containers in our collection this year. We have put love and dedication into each and every one and we are very proud of all our work.

We work very closely with our clients listening carefully to know exactly what they want and the spirit they intend to encompass in their container.

From there we put our imagination and experience to work to create an original, unique container, that meets the perspectives that the customer has placed on us. For this reason, every time we finish the creative process of one of our packaging projects we feel that it is the best of all.

Therefore to decide upon our favourite, we have tried to look at our work from the most impartial perspective possible and see which packaging has given us the most satisfaction this year. And that is why we have chosen an effect for premium packaging, a specific container and a packaging for a type of product to stand out from the rest.

Mirror effect packaging

The first packages that we want to highlight are our mirror effect metal wrappers since it is our own technique in which we have worked to achieve an exclusive polish. This work is a product of our experience and also of our desire to innovate and investigate new ways of working metal to give it even more striking and special finishes.

We have used it, for example, in our work with the American firm Carolina Herrera, for its 212 perfume, surely the most representative of the brand, in some of its best-selling versions. The result is an elegant metal container, with a minimalist and very striking appearance. Its attractive design attracts all eyes for its high-quality finish.

Carolina Herrera has chosen it in different shades for each of her perfumes, differentiating the women's fragrance, in softer tones, from the masculine, in more intense colors. And we love how both options have turned out.

Our packaging for Jean Paul Gaultier's "Pin Up"

We could not stop referring to our packaging for the Pin Up perfume from the French firm Jean Paul Gaultier. It is a house with which we have already worked on many occasions and which has always given us great satisfaction.

But, in this case, we are especially satisfied because thanks to this container we have garnered two international category awards at the IMDPA for the best container in the special and luxury cans category and, most importantly, the award for the best container in All Categories.

Created using an offset printing system that manages to capture all the colors on the container, highlighting them later with a screen printing process through which transparent resin with high-gloss particles is applied. The result is a truly eye-catching packaging.

Containers for chocolates and cookies

Finally, we highlight our packaging for chocolates and cookies. Perfect for gifts as many of them contain typical Christmas products and are ideal to bring to get togethers.

Our containers have many qualities that make them unique, since they are the most suitable for keeping these products in very good condition for a longer time. In addition, they can also be refilled as many times as you want because the aluminum from which they are made is safely reusable.

But above all, they are very attractive packages that make already desirable content, even more so. When given away, it makes those sweets or chocolates even more important and, when bought for yourself, there's no denying that special feeling.

Although we have had a hard time choosing, this is our selection of the best metal packaging in 2020 among our products. Which ones would you have selected among those that you can see on our website?

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