Faca Packaging Presents a New Line of PET Jars and Dispensers

  • Faca Packaging

Cosmetic packaging specialist, Faca Packaging, introduces a new line of PET and rPET jars and dispensers, showcasing its commitment to sustainability while elevating the aesthetics of its luxury packaging for the beauty industry.

Faca Packaging listens to consumer demands, recognizing an increasingly environmentally-conscious society. In response, the company has developed a fresh range of containers crafted from PET and rPET, offering a novel, eco-friendly option within the cosmetic industry that upholds the exceptional aesthetic and quality standards expected by high-end brands.

These jars and dispensers are engineered to achieve substantial thickness (≥ 10mm) while maintaining impeccable transparency and neutral tonality, ensuring consumers can easily view the contents, thereby providing a heightened perception of quality.

The Eco-Design principles that have guided Faca's product development for years culminate in this range of PET containers. The company demonstrates its dedication to sustainability by embracing local production of its solutions, which serves to substantially reduce the company's carbon footprint by minimizing transportation emissions. Additionally, the ability to utilize recyclable and recycled materials is complemented by the refillable functionality of the containers.

In contrast to glass, PET and rPET jars and dispensers offer significant weight reductions, resulting in reduced transportation costs. Faca has also wholeheartedly embraced the concept of refillability across its entire jar range, making it simpler for brands and consumers alike to reduce packaging waste and promote more sustainable consumption practices.

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