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Faca Packaging Embraces Sustainability Through Constant Innovation

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Faca Packaging Embraces Sustainability Through Constant Innovation

Join us as we interview Jesús Beneyto, Deputy General Manager at Faca Packaging, where we'll discuss the company's commitment to innovation and its dedication to sustainability while establishing itself as a benchmark in the high-end and luxury markets.

Has the refillable packaging trend benefited you? In what way?

Packaging in the cosmetic market plays a significant role in conveying a brand's message and values. Many European cosmetic brands aspire to communicate their commitment to the environment and responsible resource usage. In this context, refillable packaging emerges as one of the most advantageous solutions.

As manufacturers of cosmetic packaging, this growing trend has prompted us to adjust our product range through eco-design. Refillable packaging enables consumers to reuse the same packaging multiple times, rather than discarding it after a single use.

This shift in consumption offers opportunities to develop novel products and functionalities, allowing each packaging manufacturer to distinguish their offerings. For instance, at Faca, we have various refill concepts and designs that can be tailored to different cosmetic jar ranges, aligning with each brand's image and positioning.

This trend will evolve as systems and structures are established for collecting, managing, and replenishing refillable packaging. These developments will concurrently necessitate investment in development while presenting opportunities to introduce new ideas and products.

Is your company researching the use of new materials or moving towards single-material packaging?

Yes, our commitment to research and development aims to provide our customers with the most sustainable and innovative packaging solutions.

Regarding new materials, we are presently engaged in developing packaging constructed from recycled plastic that offers even greater transparency and a higher quality finish compared to traditional recycled plastic. We are also exploring the use of bioplastics, derived from renewable and compostable resources.

Concerning single-material packaging, we offer two options to our customers: First, packaging in which all components are fashioned from the same material. Second, refillable packaging with components that are easily disassembled, each made from a single material. This facilitates responsible management of the packaging's components after use.

Are you implementing any measures to promote sustainability?

Sustainability is of paramount importance to us. We are perpetually seeking ways to diminish our environmental footprint.

On the production front, we are enhancing energy efficiency and waste reduction efforts. Additionally, we are investing in new technologies to mitigate our carbon emissions.

At the product level, we prioritize eco-design. Our new packaging and revisions of existing designs incorporate attributes such as reduced weight, utilization of recycled materials, and reusability.

What novel features have you integrated (smart labels, new decoration techniques for packaging, etc.)?

Beyond our sustainability focus, we also prioritize innovation by continually developing fresh features and functionalities for our packaging.

Among the novel features we've incorporated are:

  1. Smart labels that share information about the product, its usage, or related certifications.
  2. Decorative finishes featuring special pigments for a distinctive appearance (pearlescent, glossy, etc.), without needing paint.
  3. Airless packaging, guaranteeing airtightness to prevent air infiltration, facilitating cosmetic preservation, and promoting natural cosmetics.

Tell us about your latest news and upcoming releases.

Our most recent development is the introduction of a new range of PET cosmetic jars, available in both virgin and recycled variants. These jars are offered in diverse thickness options, including considerably higher thicknesses not previously accessible in the market, catering to premium cosmetics.

Moreover, we're expanding our assortment of airless packaging. Airless packaging ensures hermetic sealing, safeguarding cosmetic products and championing natural cosmetics by preventing air contamination.

We are confident that our customers will warmly embrace these new products and features, bolstering our position as a sustainable packaging leader.

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