Body Shimmer Atomizer Nozzle Sprayer by Fancy & Trend

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Based in Taiwan, Fancy & Trend ENT. Co. Ltd. is famed for its premium services across the beauty industry, as it consistently provides a high level of quality products and services. The company has recently released an adult version of fairy dust - shimmering body paint which is lightly dusted over the body by a delightful Parisian style atomizer.

The sprayer's retro style of perfumery atomizer bulb enables consumers to squeeze out the finest cosmetic powder and apply it gently on the face and body. The user experience provided by this atomizer nozzle sprayer is exceedingly satisfactory, offering a feel of glamour and also of fun to cover oneself in shimmering dust.

It works well not only as a packaging for the powder application and as safety protection to the product, but also as a necessary existence of a highly decorative object on the consumer's dressing table.

Made of glass, the powder sprayer bottle holds cosmetic products with no issues of compatibility. The sprayer bulb's delicate output offers smooth and even powder application without any mess.

Specifications for Fancy & Trend's Atomizer Nozzle Sprayers

  • FT-AC0106
  • 10ml capacity
  • 73.0mm x W. 34.5mm x H. 87.2mm
  • FT-AC0107
  • 12ml capacity
  • 75.0mm x W. 38.8mm x H. 95.5mm


  • Cap: PS
  • Ferrule: ABS
  • Bottle: Glass

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