Fancy & Trend officially introduces PCR plastic products into its portfolio

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According to EU surveys, 94% of European consumers believe that product design must help facilitate plastic recycling and agree that companies must work to reduce plastic packaging. The European Union has published a policy which highly recommends that manufacturers mark plastic packaging products for recycling purposes so that consumers have greater ability to choose the products with the least environmental damage.

Europe's new plastic economy will strengthen the circular econonomy as it will promote and enable green growth whilst reducing waste and using resources more efficiently. As the strategy is further implemented, businesses must prepare. Are your products ready?

Aware that consumers around the globe are recognizing the importance of environmental protection, Fancy & Trend, a well known supplier of make-up and cosmetic packaging to the European and American markets has officially introduced PCR plastic products into its packaging portfolio. The introduction of PCR packaging into the Taiwanese supplier's offering, means that its customers around the globe can benefit from recycled packs.

Fancy & Trend is cooperating closely with qualified, reliable suppliers of PCR PP, PCR PE and PCR ABS material suppliers to ensure that its packaging maintains the same quality for which the company is known. The use of PCR plastic benefits companies in complying with government regulations as well as meeting consumer expectations.

Through the use of different proportions of PCR plastic, Fancy & Trend can meet different customer needs including budget and cost considerations, decoration and product coatings, to ensure competitively priced unique options for the market.

Fancy & Trend has already launched 3 powder compacts and powder pots, all of which can be made using PCR PP or PCR ABS, according to the needs of the customer, and further products will be launched shortly.

For newly developed projects, or those with special requirements, contact Fancy & Trend, your packaging partner for environmentally friendly cosmetic and skin-care packaging.

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