Retractable Cosmetic Twist Pen featuring twist back dispensing solution

Fancy and Trend has introduced a Retractable Twist Pen for cosmetic products with two different application options, one with roller-ball, one with silicon applicator. The retractable dispensing system helps users to prevent over-dosage with a simple twist back dispensing solution.

Whilst many twist pens may be convenient for users as it takes one simple twist to release product from the component, in many cases, the twist pen releases too much product in one dosage, creating unnecessary mess and waste. Fancy and Trend has introduced a retractable twist back design which retracts the product before releasing too much, alongside a safe valve to stop leakage.

The twist pen features a screw valve design to control each dosage. Each twist dispensing is followed by a twist back to retract and hold the product, thus preventing over-dosage. The twist pen has two application options: roll-on and silicon applicator.

Retractable twist pen specifications:

Ref: FT-TW0127
Capacity: 6.5ml
Applicator options: Roll-on applicator
Material: Cap PP, Barrel PCTG
Dia. 18.8 mm x H. 135.8 mm

Ref: FT-TW0128
Capacity: 6.5ml
Applicator options: Silicon applicator
Material: Cap PP, Barrel PCTG
Dia. 18.8 mm x H. 135.8 mm

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