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Eyeshadow compact with replaceable color blocks

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This new cosmetic compact released by Fancy and Trend is a revolutionary concept. It allows companies to create a more attractive presentation by using replaceable color blocks that fit perfectly inside a square compact case.

Color cosmetic products are often presented with as many colors as possible, and sometimes it can be difficult for a professional make-up artist or just about anyone to decide which color to choose.

Fancy and Trend collects user experience and feedback from its conducted beauty and cosmetic market research revealing the difficulties of color selection, and developed the new replaceable color blocks in variable godet sizes to fit in a single square compact case.

The replaceable blocks can be either a long rectangular long strip occupying 1/2 the compact space, a tiny square block occupying 1/4 compact space, or a full square size that occupies the entire compact space. Consumers can now freely pick up their favorite blocks, fit them in the compact, and go.

The base of compact case and replaceable blocks are “LEGO” like brick structure. They don’t require any adhesive or tool for assembling. It takes only one gentle press to fix the block in the compact case, and another gentle pull to remove color block from compact case.

This new eyeshadow compact has been a successful package for many cosmetic brands thanks to its innovative design that helps consumers to actually enjoy all the colors and skip difficult decision making.  

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