Fancy & Trend introduces a small volume glass bottle for skincare serum

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Fancy & Trend is the professional packaging supplier for beauty & cosmetic companies in Taiwan which works with many international brands. With its professional service and industrial know-how, the firm has helped several companies to have the best possible packaging solution for specific projects.

The company's recent product announcements include several premium packaging solutions for skin care products. One in particular is the small volume glass bottle which has been designed to be the ideal packaging for exquisite skincare serum products.

Featuring a glass vial that is compatible with many types of chemical, the small volume bottle is able to hold delicate essence serum and maintain the beauty product in perfect condition. The bottle itself can also be decorated with a gloss or matte coat to achieve any customized color requirement.

Benefiting from an ABS cap, the entire packaging can be sealed tightly to ensure perfect product protection. Attached to the cap, Fancy & Trend have incorporated a specially designed silicon applicator which has been designed to enhance the user experience being a flat applicator with several small holes to offer a smooth and even product application.

  • Product reference: FT-CB0744
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Dimensions: Diameter 18.0mm x Height 68.2mm
  • Materials: Bottle Glass / Cap ABS

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