Fancy & Trend's metallic lip gloss container with window

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Lip gloss packaging design usually features an entirely transparent and see-through bottle and in most cases, lip gloss products are shades of easily fading colors that result from shorter shelf lives. In order to solve this, Fancy & Trend is offering a new lip gloss packaging design completely covered by a metal case and with a useful window for consumers to see the product hidden inside.

The metallic lip gloss packaging has a luxurious finished look thanks to its aluminum cover that can be anodized according to customer requests. The accompanying cap has an applicator stick attached and optional materials are available for selection.

There is also a longer version of the metallic lip gloss which instead of including a window, is a complete metal cover, making it perfect for the most sensitive products and offering perfect protection from light.

Metallic Lip Gloss with window

  • Product Reference: FT-LG1175
  • Measurements: L. 15.2mm x W. 15.2mm x H.93.4mm
  • Capacity: 6ml
  • Materials: Cap Aluminium / Bottle Aluminium
  • Alternative applicator options are available

Longer length metallic Lip Gloss without window

  • Product Reference: FT-LG1179
  • Measurements: L. 15.6mm x W. 15.6mm x H.122.8mm
  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Materials: Cap Aluminium / Bottle Aluminium
  • Alternative applicator options are available

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