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Mario Fissi 1937 Firenze elects elegance and sustainability with Giflor's closure systems

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Mario Fissi 1937 Firenze has chosen the green design of Giflor closure systems for two of its most successful personal care product lines: "Gli Essenziali", completed with the striking cylindrical cap art. 655 in fully recycled PCR material; and the "Fruit Lovers" tubes, combined with the ultra-thin 772 Eco Low Profile cap for Ø50 mm tubes. “Elegance and sustainability are the key elements of this exciting and engaging project”, said the Marketing Department of Saponeria Mario Fissi that explained more about their products in this short interview.

First of all, what is the positioning of your products?

The Mario Fissi 1937 Firenze brand was founded with Saponeria Mario Fissi’s two main pillars in mind: the importance of craftsmanship and the quality of raw materials (soap). Our key features are excellent quality/price ratio, accessibility to all, and 100% Made in Italy. Our personal care products are mainly intended for consumers who care for the future of the Earth and for the next generations. Our collections are ecological, sustainable and natural, and they are produced with care down to the tiniest detail, from the formula to the perfume, from the packaging to the graphics.

Tell us more about ‘Gli Essenziali’. What made you choose Giflor's PCR 655 cap for this line?

'Gli Essenziali' collection features personal care products formulated with a high percentage of organically farmed ingredients and organic essential oils. The line's packaging is completely sustainable because it is made of 100% PRC plastic. We chose Giflor's 655 cap precisely because it is recycled and recyclable in every part, as well as being perfect for giving that extra touch of elegance to the entire collection.

Its delicate colour perfectly matches that of the screen-printed design on the front of the label, making the product as homogeneous as possible. The label itself is also a sustainable choice as it is made of ecological paper from agro-industrial citrus residues and is FSC certified. All the products in this line are certified by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification for their high percentage content of natural ingredients.

Why does the 'Fruit Lovers' line go perfectly with the ultralight design of Giflor's ELP 772 cap?

The 'Fruit Lovers' collection includes personal care products with a high percentage of natural ingredients: 98% for the body creams, 97% for the shower gels. The innovative packaging consists of the screen-printed tube and Giflor’s Eco Low Profile art. 772 cap. This combined with eye-catching graphics, makes the products stand out on the shelves, catching the consumer's eye.

We chose the ELP cap not only because it is practical and modern, but also because it is a great response to our sustainability goals, reducing the amount of plastic that it is usually present in traditional tube closure systems and also the consumption of energy needed to produce it.

Are you satisfied with the end result of this project and your collaboration with Giflor?

Very much so. Both the 655 PCR cap used for ‘Gli Essenziali’ collection and the ELP 772 cap for the 'Fruit Lovers' tubes fully met our expectations, allowing us to complete the development of two young and attractive product lines of products that feature a high percentage of natural ingredients, both in the formula and in the packaging. It perfectly complements the Mario Fissi 1937 Firenze’s philosophy - 'ecological, sustainable, natural' - which is only possible if our partners share our vision. And by collaborating with Giflor, we can continue to develop sustainable products.

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