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Pierpaoli's Anthyllis benefits from longstanding relationship with Giflor

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“A long-lasting partnership for a new beauty ritual”

The packaging industry is constantly evolving, but there are partnerships that last over the years and manage to always create something innovative and special.

The longstanding partnership between Pierpaoli and Giflor is one such example. In recent months the 2 companies have been working side by side on a project for Anthyllis, a brand of certified natural cosmetics made in Italy with ingredients of bio-origin. The "secret element" of this line is the organic green tea extract, which ensures regenerative and dermo purifying properties that enhance the natural beauty of the skin.

To complete the Anthyllis micellar water pack housing a light, liquid cleansing solution, Pierpaoli needed just the right cap to help the overall packaging convey the naturalness of the product’s formulation with simplicity and elegance, whilst also guaranteeing an effective sealing for such a complex liquid.

Giflor’s response to these requirements was one of its top-selling articles. For the Anthyllis micellar water, the right match was the Just Colors 850 flip-top cap in a pure white color, a solution with a minimalist yet refined design, able to catch the buyer's attention and, at the same time, evoke an immediate feeling of comfort in the consumer.

"Giflor has been our partner in the supply of closures for cosmetic products for a very long time”, said Pierpaoli's marketing department. “With the suggestion of the cap article 850 and its bold profile, Giflor perfectly understood the aesthetic requirements we needed to achieve an elegant and minimal product layout that coordinated with the rest of the line."

With a 50mm diameter, the  Just Colors 850 double wall flip-top cap provides a strong visual impact for any bottle product that needs to stand out on the shelf.

"By applying it to Anthyllis micellar water”, said Pierpaoli's marketing department, "we achieved an aesthetic rendering perfectly aligned to our design. In addition, the ergonomics and functionality of the cap contributed to guarantee a flawless dispensing solution."

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