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Bottega Verde 'embraces the feeling' with Giflor

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Our Italian partner Bottega Verde recently launched a brand new product line inspired by nature that offers a unique body and sensorial experience inspired by natural scents and body wash massage effects.

Being consistent means translating these values into the design of the packaging which is an extraordinary communication tool.

As a result, Bottega Verde chose Giflor’s plastic caps 806|807|501|511 to convey its nature-oriented inspiration and capture the scents inside the bottle.

Thanks to the tight closing system empowered by the click sound of the cap design, Giflor’s closures avoid any accidental openings and leakages of the product while being transported.

Giflor caps 806 and 807 are both cylindrical flip-tops, while 501 and 511 are mushroom-shaped flip-top caps.


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