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Just Color is just right for Naturaverde

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“Naturaverde Bio Kids and Baby certified biologic cosmetics have been realized thanks to the continual search for hygiene and personal care as well as the protection of your child's skin. Natural, safe and effective, all our product formulations come from organic farming, taking care of your child's skin throughout their growth making this moment a pleasant wellness.” (source: Natura Verde Website)

The ICEA guarantees the high quality of Naturaverde's products, as the non-profit international consortium supports eco-sustainable development in any eco-organic market sector. All the Naturaverde Bio Kids and Baby products follow the ICEA's guidelines for the main certifications relating to organic matter.

Their high quality is also secured by the packaging closing systems, namely Giflor’s plastic closure models #838 and #816.

Both with a great aesthetic impact on the shelf, the two caps differ in some minor features: cylindrically shaped, the 838 is user-friendly thanks to the ergonomic opening, while the oval shape and the characteristic domed top are the hallmarks of 816.

Both models are available in bi-color or mono-color versions from Giflor's Just Color's Collection.

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