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The shining, glossy appearance of metalized packaging can’t help but catch the eye of consumers. However, when brands use a traditional electronic plate, the surface of the packaging can become dull or wear away during frequent usage.

Long-Lasting Brilliance

A beautiful package that fades soon after purchase won’t stay in the consumer's mind when they need a new bottle.

Hopeck Packaging has the solution- the company’s range of aluminum sleeved bottles and jars, complete with a large selection of caps are the perfect answer for packaging lotion, oil, cream, and more. They stay bright long after the first use.

Plated Dropper Bottles 

Hopeck is excited to announce the development of a new style of oil & serum bottle. These brilliant bottles can be finished with a shining covering of aluminum. Brands can choose full-body coverage or just the bottle’s shoulder.

Choose between a rainbow of glittering options. The aluminum shell can be plated in golden, silver, or a range of other colors, or given a brushed finish.

The cosmetic dropper bottles are available in a variety of designs, including T-shaped dropper bottles, push-button dropper bottles, and plastic bulb pipette dropper bottles.

There are many advantages of aluminum packing, including:

  • Excellent mechanical performance and endurance. Metal is not easy to break, has a high temperature resistance, is humidity proof, and corrosion resistant.
  • Good barrier properties to gas, moisture, sunshine to keep the product safe while boasting great fragrance retention.
  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance with its shiny glossy finish

Headquartered in China, Hopeck is a global packaging design solution leader offering a wide range of products to serve the beauty industry.

Interested in adding aluminum bottles to your beauty line? Contact Hopeck today to start a conversation with the experience team. 

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