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Choosing the best packaging solution for your product can be overwhelming. That's why it is incredibly important to choose reliable suppliers that can help you through the process and guide you toward the perfect match. Understanding how different materials and decorations interact with a formula is key, and offering a diverse range of solutions to match those needs is fundamental.

Hopeck Packaging has a professional team at your disposal to lead the path and an extensive portfolio of droppers and other packs for the beauty and personal care markets. Let's take, for example, the company's cobalt blue glass bottles with PETG collar droppers.

As we all know, sunlight can be incredibly damaging to delicate skincare formulas. Made of both UVB and UVA light, direct exposure to them can cause substantial damage to a product. Though glass packaging offers great protection from foreign contamination, it allows sunlight to penetrate through the barrier, which is why it's necessary to add tints of particular colors to offer additional protection.

Naturally, cobalt blue and amber tend to be the most popular options. Hopeck's cobalt blue glass bottles are excellent for protecting formulas from both visible light and UV light. This makes it an ideal option for light-sensitive products such as essential oils. Paired with the highly resistant plastic droppers, the solution becomes a popular choice for wellness treatments and skincare routines.

Want to learn more? Contact us now and start your journey with Hopeck. We are here to make it easy, fast, and effective.

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