Hopeck Offers PCR and Bamboo Solutions for Sustainable Beauty Lines

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Environmental protection is a top concern in our daily lives. This is evident more than ever in the packaging industry. Consumers and brands are increasingly interested in solutions that are sustainable, degradable, and recyclable. Innovative suppliers like Hopeck Packaging are leading the way and are adding more eco-friendly solutions to its portfolio.

In the cosmetic packaging market, an emphasis on clean and ethical beauty has expanded into a high demand for sustainable solutions. Hopeck listens to the needs of its international clientele and has several options for cosmetic brands.

Hopecks latest sustainable solutions include:

  • Using PCR(post consumer recyled materials) and material wheat straw in cosmetic packaging- making the recycled Content approximately 30%
  • Adding PCR material that contains bamboo or wood powder, resulting in recycled content of approximately 30%. Both applications save considerable oil resources
  • Add core starch material to packaging solutions. Though this has been an option in the market for a while it is not widely used at present due to its higher cost.

PCR Materials Benefits and Considerations 

To make existing solutions more sustainable, PCR materials can be added to many plastic materials like ABS, PP,PET, PETG, and more plastic solutions with a percentage ranging from 20% to 100%. The percentage possible is affected by the characteristics of plastic, shapes of bottle, and mold condition.

Compared to normal plastic, PCR added material has a faster degrading speed. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing PCR. Its cost can be about 15-20% higher than virgin plastic, depending on the total order quantity. There is also a vein-like appearance on the surface. Some color or technology may be limited and the transparency and gloss are a bit weaker than virgin materials

When a degradable ingredient is added to the plastic, it not only maintains the toughness and tension performance, it also has no effect on the transparency and color. This material addition increases the degradable speed of the plastic, making it a good choice to decrease the disadvantage of PCR solutions.

Hopeck has an extensive range of personal care, beauty, and cosmetic solutions. The team will work with you to discover what materials and eco-friendly options work best for your product.

Interested in learning more about the sustainable solutions available from Hopeck Packaging? Contact the team today.

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