Meet The Droplet Dropper: Designed for dripping

  • K.K. Plastic Factory Limited

KKP’s Droplet Dropper has been designed especially for continuous dripping application, providing drop-by-drop precise dosage with just the tap of your finger.

More conventional droppers on the market require the user to repeat the filling mechanism in order to repeat application. This dropper bottle acts as one singular piece, turned on its head, using gravity and ingenuity to enhance dosing precision and efficiency of use.

By the gentle tapping of a finger, you do not need to repeatedly refill pipettes and a skincare routine becomes effortless and simplified.

The bottles themselves have been created with versatility in mind and can be produced in various materials and decoration options, to suit any skincare brand aesthetic.

See the Droplet Dropper in the catalog or contact KKP for more details

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