Youthful Skincare Ranges by KKP

  • K.K. Plastic Factory Limited

The younger generations who have grown up with skincare and makeup tutorials online, are keen to have their own personal care routines, with iconic and aesthetically strong brand images.

KKP, who is masterful at creating distinct skincare and personal care bottle series, shows its hand at creating a family of skin care packs, targeting the younger generations.

Using fresh soft pastel coloring on a straight-lined round bottle creates an equally bold and minimalistic visual.

Here KKP showcases the potential of its product decoration by incorporating a subtle ribbon graphic, that when combined with other bottles from the series, playfully joins together to create ‘LOVE’’. This would greatly appeal to younger buyers, as their skincare routine can double as stylish room décor for their room or bathroom.  

The set includes bottles serving liquids, oils and lotions, making the set ideal for a line of products as well as individual packs. Starting at 30ml all the way to 250ml, you can find bottles with closures, droppers, and pumps in different styles, fit with a cap. Produced using PETG, the packs are sturdy and durable while also recyclable.

The KKP's one-step thick-walled PETG set bottle has been updated and is in the third series!
See the full updated series or browse through KKP’s online catalog.

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