KKP Fruit Extract Series: Intense Essence

  • K.K. Plastic Factory Limited

Plant extraction has always been the promotional focus for skin care products due to the many benefits it poses to end-users. For this Fruit Extract Series, KKP supports this natural movement by creating ranges to match the corresponding fruit extract, bringing your product to life with quintessential colors and shapes.

The smooth oval shape is visually and functionally beneficial as it is both reminiscent of organic forms present in nature and also provides a pleasant squeezing experience.

The range can be produced in a variety of colors to match your favorite fruits such as lime, cranberry and coconut. The entire fruit extract series is targeted to fit with flip-top caps and includes 6 capacities meaning there is a bottle to cover the needs of most products, inclusive of travel sizes.

For more series and bottle shapes visit the catalog or contact KKP

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