Thick Walled PETG Bottles For Unisex and Masculine Markets

  • K.K. Plastic Factory Limited

KKP is a specialist in designing cosmetic and personal care packaging ranges, in unique aesthetics to suit a variety of target audiences.

One of the latest series is the second edition of The Square Bottle Thick Wall Series which uses eye-catching cubical bottles with a smooth rounded shoulder, appealing to unisex and more masculine personal care brands.

The combination of square-shaped bottles with rounded shoulders and edges, creates a strong dependable yet homely product image. This is reflected in the bottle's construction which uses thick-walled PETG to enhance product protection and to add a more high-end feel.

The series includes dropper bottles, bottles with caps and with pumps, covering a wide range of product uses, from oils, to lotions and low-viscosity formulas.

In addition to creating a more dominant shaped bottle, the use of the flat square surface provides a large and easily accessible space for branding and labeling.

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